Abigail is now playing exclusively in theaters, but here's when (and where) you can stream the movie from home

Abigail is now thrilling folks in theaters but here's an idea when and where you can see this wild vampire thriller at home!
Abigail - Courtesy Universal Pictures
Abigail - Courtesy Universal Pictures /

Abigail is currently terrifying folks in theaters but when can you see this horror movie on streaming? It might be sooner than you think!

The best way to describe Abigail is to imagine Dracula’s Daughter crossed with the old story The Ransom of Red Chief. A pack of crooks (including Melissa Barrera and Kathryn Newton) kidnaps a young girl on the assumption she’s the daughter of a crime boss and they can hold her for ransom. But when they bring her to a mansion, the group discovers too late that the girl is really a vampire and she’s ready to hunt them. The crooks must do their best to survive this vicious vampire child ballerina. 

The movie debuted on April 19 with $10.2 million, not bad considering it only cost $28 million. It looks to continue its theatrical run, but when and where will it be available on streaming? 

When and where can you stream Abigail at home?

With streaming homes, it often depends on which studio is making the movie. In the case of Abigail, it’s from Universal Pictures. Thanks to their deal with Peacock, that means Peacock is the most likely spot for Abigail to release as with other Universal films.

The window for Universal to Peacock releases is at least 45 days from the theatrical release. This means that Abigail would be arriving on Peacock as soon as the first week of June. There’s always the chance Universal delays a streaming release to continue to help the movie’s box office take so it may be later.

Of course, the movie would be available to rent or buy in various places like Amazon Prime, but there’s no date for that yet. Thus, if you can’t see Abigail in theaters, June should be the best time to check out this wild horror film and enjoy this vampire thriller at home.

Abigail is now in theaters.