Adam resists Victor's power play on Young and the Restless

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Victor still rules the roost on The Young and the Restless. His recent rejection of an idea that Nikki and Nick believed would solve some business and family matters reinforced the status quo while renewing Adam's insecurities.

The outcast mentality Adam clung to for years appeared to diminish in recent months. Victoria's indefinite leave of absence from Newman Enterprises created a surprising outcome. Nick and Adam's collaboration was swell, with both brothers pleased that they were, in effect, co-heading the company in their sister's absence with no ill effects.

However, one of their father's core personality traits is unpredictability. Sure enough, he reshuffled the corporate deck and his family's feathers.

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Nikki Newman's recovery is the focus

No one knows Victor better than his eternal flame and multiple-time bride, Nikki. So, it was natural for her to be suspicious when Victor sloughed off the notion that Victoria temporarily become Newman Media's head. 

Victoria does not want to return to the so-called C-suite at Newman Towers. While she was enjoying her most recent run at the family business, Amelia Heinle's character wants to ensure that her rediscovered daughter, Eve, aka Claire, continues to progress.

So, Victoria turned down Victor's suggestion that she retake the co-Chief Executive Officer title she held with her father. In turn, he is not open to Victoria filling in for Nikki at Newman Media because Victor has a specific purpose for Adam.

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Victor Newman knows ruthlessness runs in the blood

Hope Wilson was a sweet soul. Her death in the late 2000s and decades ago in soap time led to the Adam character's SORAS'ing (Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome).

Digitally skip from then to now and through three other adult Adam's. Mark Grossman's stellar run as the son Victor had with Hope has included a plethora of battles but also many heartfelt, albeit brief, reconciliations.

However, one of the most famous soap opera fathers and his prodigal son seem to have reached a point where they realize their similar traits are a source of shared strength.

Adam Newman bows to the inevitable

Adam's initial reaction was to reject heading Newman Media again. All has gone well with Nick, and being in the top spot, while not a solo run, has proven sweet.

Eric Braeden's character told Adam that he should not see the Newman Media offer as a demotion. But Adam rejected the surface explanation until his quixotic, legendary father presented his hand. This media company is to be used as a tool to attack enemies. While Adam does not know it yet, Jack is Victor's intended target.

Of course, Adam's longtime friendship with Jack will be threatened or worse whenever Victor's plans are executed. And so, Adam will have a choice to make. Remain loyal to Jack or secure the ever-elusive approval from the man various versions of Adam have derisively referred to as Pops.


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