All My Children and the 3 soap operas we'd love to bring back (plus the 2 we never want to see again)

While daytime was once filled with soap operas, only a few remain today. If we had the power, we'd love to see these four particular soaps... and we also wouldn't be sad to never see two particulars soaps ever again.
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All My Children - Bring Back

I'm not going to lie, I still can't quite believe that ABC canceled All My Children. This was a show that literally changed the game and gave us some of the most impactful and iconic moments in daytime history. All My Children pioneered diverse storytelling in daytime TV tackling social issues that helped spark conversation and bring representation to the forefront.

From Erica Kane having the first legally sanctioned abortion on daytime TV to the historic first same-sex kiss between two lesbian characters and daytime's first same-sex wedding between two women, the show was a groundbreaking force in daytime drama. The show never strayed away from tackling social issues and we miss that type of bold commentary in the daytime landscape.

One Life to Live - Bring Back

As someone who watched all of ABC's daytime dramas, I'm not ashamed to admit that One Life to Live was by far my favorite of the network's trio. While OLTL had no shortage of drama, the show always felt more grounded than its competitors with storylines that truly did reflect the viewers at home.

The show's characters and stories are what set the show apart. They felt like real people, dealing with real issues which helped us not only fall in love with these characters and see them as dear friends, but to relate with them more as they dealt with social issues such as addiction, teen pregnancy, interracial couples, racism, and class struggles.

OLTL wasn't just a soap opera, it was a masterpiece that left an immeasurable mark on television history and remains cherished by fans worldwide. I would gladly jump at the chance to return to Llanview to catch up with the Buchanans, Mannings, Lords, and all of our favorite residents.