All My Children and the 3 soap operas we'd love to bring back (plus the 2 we never want to see again)

While daytime was once filled with soap operas, only a few remain today. If we had the power, we'd love to see these four particular soaps... and we also wouldn't be sad to never see two particulars soaps ever again.

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As the World Turns - Bring Back

As the World Turns was truly a trailblazer during its run and changed the daytime landscape for the better. The series was known for its pioneering storytelling and never strayed away from tackling controversial topics, even making history as the first daytime drama to introduce a gay character marking a major shift in the right direction of bringing more representation to the daytime genre -- and TV in general.

During its 54 years on the air, As the World Turns managed to captivate audiences at home with iconic villains and couples who audiences fell in love. Oakdale was full of amazing characters and the writers gave most of our favorite characters a happy ending, but just because our characters got a happy ending doesn't mean the show shouldn't return! We'd love to see what the good citizens of Oakdale have been up to since we left the show, after all, just because the cameras stopped rolling the world still kept turning.

Port Charles - Don't Bring Back

Look, we'll give Port Charles credit for introducing some amazing faces to daytime and it was definitely a creative way to spin off General Hospital. That said, we're sort of glad ABC put a stake in the show and decided to focus its attention solely on General Hospital.

We're not opposed to supernatural elements being used for storytelling purposes in daytime dramas, but Port Charles did a bit too much and it felt odd to think that these vampires, werewolves, and supernatural beings were intended to inhabit the same city as the citizens of General Hospital. A+ for creativity, but we're not looking to resurrect Port Charles anytime soon.

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