All the songs that play in Upgraded on Prime Video

Camila Mendes in Upgraded on Amazon Prime Video
Camila Mendes in Upgraded on Amazon Prime Video /

Upgraded, Camila Mendes' new film has hit Prime Video! The movie is a romantic comedy that sees the star in the lead role of Ana Santos, a young woman trying to make a name for herself in the art world. Ana has worked hard to get a job that will open doors for her. But she still needs to be recognized by her exacting boss, Claire.

When Ana notices a typo in the buyer's catalog that everyone else has missed, she's put on Claire's radar enough to land a position as her assistant during her London trip. Of course, this wouldn't be a rags to opportunity tale if there weren't obstacles in the way. Claire's two assistants aren't looking to include Ana which initially lands her in economy seats until an airline customer service agent decides to upgrade her to first class.

Ana's good fortune continues when she meets Will. The two hit it off but when Will mistakenly assumes she's the director of the auction house she works for in New York, she doesn't correct him. This white lie balloons and ushers in romance, glamor, and opportunity but what goes up must come down, and it's only a matter of time for Ana to be found out and her career as well as her love life to be at risk.

Upgraded has a mix of songs a part of its soundtrack to set the mood as Ana shifts from a thankless employee to a woman on the go in London. Instead of bangers from hit makers known nationwide, it features earworms and deep cuts that fit the vibe of this story which focuses on the chic, worldly art industry that Ana is in love with and wants to be a part of as a gallerist. Check out the list below!

Upgraded tracklist

  • "Chaise Lounge" - Wet Leg
  • "Hi-Fidelity" - Lava La Rue ft. BIIG PIIG
  • "June" - Cat Matthews
  • "Ecoutez Bien" - Eux Autres
  • "Easy Does It" - Andrew Green, Samuel Green, Wendy Green, and Richard Kimmings
  • "Circle The Drain" - Soccer Mommy
  • "Say It" - Newdad
  • "Big Flame (Is Gonna Break My Heart in Two)" - Doris Wilson
  • "Cautionary Tale" - Greg Ruby
  • "In the Pocket" - Blair Bielawski
  • "Two Guitars" - Sosnick Orchestra
  • "Swing King" - Blair Bielawski
  • "Tom Menor" - Luiz de Aquino, Jr. and Rubens Antunes, Jr.
  • "Angel" - Lava La Rue ft. Deb Never
  • "Iceblink Luck" - Cocteau Twins
  • "Liquid Sunshine" - Milo Clare
  • "Ready" - sweetbaby

Rudy Mancuso contributed the most to Upgraded's list of songs. A total of eight tracks featured in the film were written and performed by the musician and actor. His songs:

  • "Beyond Baroque"
  • "Heartbeat"
  • "Chance Moments"
  • "Melancholy Ave."
  • "Curious Bones"
  • "Beyond Baroque (B-Side)"
  • "A Momentary Lapse"
  • "Chance Moments (B-Side)"

Mancuso's directorial debut, Música, which he wrote with Dan Lagana, premieres April 4, 2024 on Prime Video. In the romantic comedy, set in Newark, New Jersey, Mancuso plays a young man who must balance dealing with an uncertain future with romance, family, his Brazilian community in Jersey, and the music in his head. Camila Mendes is attached to the project as an executive producer and stars in the film as well.

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