Apples Never Fall filming locations: Where did filming take place?

The mystery drama is set in Florida, but is that actually where production set up shop?

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West Palm Beach in Florida is one of the best places to be. The upscale city is home to large homes and beautiful waters. It's the setting and where the new Peacock television series Apples Never Fall takes place. But was the show actually filmed in Florida or another location?

The series did not set up shop in Florida. Apples Never Fall was actually filmed in Australia! Per NBC, most of the scenes were shot on the Gold Coast in Queensland. The show is based on a book, and the story actually takes place in Sydney, Australia in the novel rather than Florida. So while the location got changed up for the onscreen adaptation, the production kind of stuck to the tale's roots by filming in Australia at least.

The home of the Delaney family actually took place in three different spots - Village Roadshow Studios for the interior scenes, NBC shares. For the exterior shots and the tennis court, those had to be built outside in a remote area in Pimpama, Australia. The Cinemaholic shares that one of the filming locations is a suburb in Australia called Paradise Point. This serves as the area where the Delaney's home is and where they live. Main Beach was another major spot.

Apples Never Fall - Season 1
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According to Palm Beach Daily, the mystery drama tried to film in Florida, but were rejected by the Town Council for fear of increased traffic and congestion from filming at Palm Beach. In talking about relocating the story, executive producer Melanie Marnich said it was "a really fun change." Plus, she said it made sense since Palm Beach is known for professional tennis training and that's a big part of the story.

While main filming wasn't able to take place in Florida, crews did get shots of the Palm Beach area to serve as establishing shots on the show. There's some reports that some filming happened in London, England as well, though there aren't many details about that.

Apples Never Fall stars Annette Bening, Sam Neil, Jake Lacey, Conor Merrigan Turner, Essie Randles, Alison Brie, Georgia Flood, Essie Randles, Jeanine Serralles, and Dylan Thuraisingham. The series is centered around the Delaney family whose mother goes missing. That's when the four siblings "re-examine their parents' so-called perfect marriage as their family’s darkest secrets begin to surface," per the synopsis.

All seven episodes of Apples Never Fall are now streaming on Peacock.

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