Are any of the Couple to Throuple stars still together today?

Is Couple to Throuple a complete fail? Where are the throuples now?
COUPLE TO THROUPLE -- "Chemistry" Episode 101 -- Pictured: (l-r) Jonathan, Mia, Chris, Sadie, Jess, Sanu -- (Photo by: Paul Castillero/PEACOCK)
COUPLE TO THROUPLE -- "Chemistry" Episode 101 -- Pictured: (l-r) Jonathan, Mia, Chris, Sadie, Jess, Sanu -- (Photo by: Paul Castillero/PEACOCK) /

Going in, we knew Couple to Throuple on Peacock was going to be messy, but we weren't expecting such a tangled web. But hey, that's what makes a great reality show if you ask me! From love triangles, jealousy, and betrayal, Couple to Throuple has it all. However, at the end of the day, the final results are pretty predictable.

Spoiler alert! If you have not yet watched the season 1 Couple to Throuple finale on Peacock, go stream it now before reading ahead as spoilers are below.

Rehman, Ashmal, and Jonathan are NOT still a Throuple

The season's highlight couple? Rehman and Ashmal, whose emotions were everywhere. Both men fell for Jonathan hard and fast. And Jonathan didn't realize what he had until he lost it. Winning Rehman and Ashmal's trust back wasn't easy, but the trio was able to make up and the throuple remained inseparable for the remainder of the show. When it came to the final decision, they decided to stay together. Peacock shared that Rehman and Ashmal remain friends.

Dylan, Lauren, and Jess are NOT still a Throuple

Then, we have Dylan, Lauren, and Jess. The happily married couple Dylan and Lauren still wanted to continue exploring their relationship with Jess. It's clear that Dylan and Lauren had strong feelings for Jess, because they were able to accept not to take things too far with Jess physically despite being much into physical touch. Unfortunately, the distance proved to be too complicated to work with so they called it quits. Dylan and Lauren live in Arizona, while Jess resides in Texas.

Couple to Throuple - Season 1
COUPLE TO THROUPLE -- "Chemistry" Episode 101 -- Pictured: (l-r) Brittne, Sean -- (Photo by: Paul Castillero/PEACOCK) /

Brittne, Sean, and Darrien are NOT sill in a Throuple

I loved Brittne and Sean! I wish Darrien had loved them back. Brittne and Sean were committed and ready to show Darrien all the love and respect she wanted. Sadly, Darrien was never as serious as the couple was. So though the trio left the show together, they broke up soon after. On the bright side, Sean fell in more in love with Brittne and asked her to marry him.

Corey, Wilder, and Denyse ARE still together

Surprisingly, Corey, Wilder, and Denyse are still together! Honestly I didn't see this one coming due to issues of jealousy and, of course, leaving the show early. We're happy to learn that they continue working on their relationship.

What did you think about Couple to Throuple season 1? At this time, the reality show has not yet been renewed for a second season. We'll keep you posted!