Argylle age rating: Is the spy comedy appropriate for kids?

There's a new spy-comedy opening in theaters this weekend, Friday, Feb. 2, in Argylle. But is this spy adventure fun for the whole family? Here's everything to know about the movie's rating.
Argylle, image from Apple TV PR
Argylle, image from Apple TV PR /

Who doesn't love a fun spy-comedy? Especially one with such as star-studded cast as Argylle? The movie stars Henry Cavill, Bryce Dallas Howard, Sam Rockwell, Bryan Cranston, Catherine O'Hara, Dua Lipa, John Cena, Samuel L. Jackon, and Ariana DeBose. Unfortunately, Hidden Remote's movie expert gave Argylle a less-than-stellar review. Read it HERE if you are considering watching the movie this weekend! Making plans to watch the movie, anyway? We've got you covered!

Argylle is rated PG-13 for strong violence and action, as well as strong language. Now, what most parents look out for when deciding if they should allow their teenager to watch a movie, is usually sexual content/nudity and graphic violence such as blood and gore. This movie may not have this, so I would say teens over 13 years old can enjoy the movie. Still, you know your kid best!

Thanks to Common Sense Media, we can share more details about why Argylle has a PG-13 rating to help you make a decision. As the source shares, the violence and action sequences are stylized, which means the scenes are unrealistic and more "fun" than anything else. There is no gore or graphic violence. However, the deaths of some characters include being beaten to death and another by suicide, which can be triggering.

Argylle also shows brief kissing and some sex-related dialogue, but nothing more. The strong language includes every naughty word in the book. Finally, though a lot of bottles and glasses of alcohol are seen, there is very little actual drinking. Here's a quick list of this and more:

Argylle may be enjoyed by most teens over 13

  • Strong violence, but no gore or graphic scenes
  • Trigger alert! Character deaths include one by suicide
  • Strong language
  • Stylized violence and action
  • No strong sexual content or nudity
  • Brief kissing and sex-related dialogue/jokes
  • Alcohol is seen, but not a lot of actual drinking

Argylle opens in theaters on Friday, Feb. 3. The movie will eventually become available on streaming, heading to Apple TV+ after leaving the big screen. As soon as we have a date for when this will be, we'll update this post!