CBS TV schedule (Week of April 1): Fire Country returns, Elsbeth episode 2, and more!

“This Storm Will Pass” – The station 42 crew must protect Edgewater and take cover when an extremely rare and dangerous fire tornado leaves lives in peril, on FIRE COUNTRY, Friday, April 5 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and streaming on Paramount+ (live and on demand for Paramount+ with SHOWTIME subscribers, or on demand for Paramount+ Essential subscribers the day after the episode airs)*. Pictured: Jules Latimer as Eve Edwards. Photo: Sergei Bachlakov/CBS ©2024 CBS
“This Storm Will Pass” – The station 42 crew must protect Edgewater and take cover when an extremely rare and dangerous fire tornado leaves lives in peril, on FIRE COUNTRY, Friday, April 5 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and streaming on Paramount+ (live and on demand for Paramount+ with SHOWTIME subscribers, or on demand for Paramount+ Essential subscribers the day after the episode airs)*. Pictured: Jules Latimer as Eve Edwards. Photo: Sergei Bachlakov/CBS ©2024 CBS /

Alright, CBS fans. If you're a daily watcher of the network during its primetime hours, you're going to have a full week as the majority of the line-ups are new for the week of April 1. The long hiatus is over for the Thursday and Friday shows, with exception to So Help Me Todd which is being held for a double dose of Elsbeth since the Carrie Preston-led howdunnit hasn't aired a new episode since it premiered on Feb. 29. Sunday's slate will be preempted for the CMT Music Awards hosted by Kelsea Ballerini. Here's the full schedule for the week plus what you can expect from the new episodes set to air!

What's new on CBS this week?

Monday, April 1

8 p.m. - The Neighborhood (New!)
8: 30 p.m. - Bob Hearts Abishola (New!)
9 p.m. - NCIS (New!)
10 p.m. - NCIS: Hawai'i (New!)

Tuesday, April 2

8 p.m. - FBI (New!)
9 p.m. - FBI: International (New!)
10 p.m. - FBI: Most Wanted (New!)

Wednesday, April 3

8 p.m. - Survivor (New!)
9:30 p.m. - The Amazing Race (New!)

Thursday, April 4

8 p.m. - Young Sheldon (New!)
8:30 p.m. - Ghosts (New!)
9 p.m. - Elsbeth (New!)
10 p.m. - Elsbeth (New!)

Friday, April 5

8 p.m. - S.W.A.T. (New!)
9 p.m. - Fire Country (New!)
10 p.m. - Blue Bloods (New!)

Saturday, April 6

8 p.m. - Tracker (Rerun of "St. Louis")
9 p.m. - The Equalizer (Rerun of "Full Throttle)
10 p.m. - 48 Hours (New!)

Sunday, April 7

8 p.m.-11 p.m. - 2024 CMT Music Awards

Welcome to the Walkout
“Welcome to the Walk-Out” – Monday, April 1 (8:00-8:30 PM, ET/PT) /

The Neighborhood season 6 episode episode 6

The teachers are picketing in "Welcome to the Walkout" as there's a divide in opinion about the new school pool. Gemma will be holding a fundraiser, meanwhile Tina and the other teachers demonstrate in protest of its presence over increased teacher pay and the hiring of teacher's aides. As for Calvin, he'll be going to physical therapy for his knee...finally! Tony Gonzalez guest stars as Derrick in this episode, he'll be in Dave and Calvin's plot.

Sad Cupcakes
“Sad Cupcakes” – Monday, April 1 (8:30-9:00 PM, ET/PT) /

Bob Hearts Abishola season 5 episode 9

Could MaxDot really be up for sale? It sure looks like it when Bob gets an offer in "Sad Cupcakes" that he's seriously considering. It's going to be a tough choice though as he'll have to consider whether the payout is worth stepping away from his family's legacy. Meanwhile, at the hospital, the nursing staff is going through a cut which has put a strain on Abishola and Gloria's relationship.

NCIS season 21 episode 6

Fans of this procedural are in for a fun episode with "Strange Invaders." The case of the week involves the death of a Navy pilot which takes the team on a spin as they try to figure out what caused the unusual wounds on his body that aren't bullet holes. Conspiracy theories abound. Was it aliens? That seams to be a working theory for some agents willing to consider the possibility that something not of Earth led to this pilot's demise.

NCIS: Hawai'i season 3 episode 6

The flagship series will be dealing with "aliens" but the Hawai'i team has their own Jason Bourne-style investigation to contend with in "Operation Red Rabbit." It all starts when a missing naval officer's fiancée comes to the NCIS for help. What they find, however, leads them to uncover his secrets, including that he's disappeared on more than one woman, and that there's more going on than him potentially running a con. Expect Sam to also try his hand at finding love since he'll be asking Kai to be his wingman.

FBI season 6 episode 7

Coming off an episode that ended tragically last week, FBI is launching into an Isobel-centric storyline in "Behind the Veil." When a bomb goes off at a local restaurant, with the SAC in the vicinity, the agents get pulled into a case where the suspect looks to have diplomatic immunity since she steps into the Russian Consulate. With several of the bombing's victims dead or injured, including someone close to Isobel and a congresswoman, the race is on to take down whoever orchestrated the attack before another bomb is detonated.

FBI: International season 3 episode 7

In "Andiamo!," the Fly team are launched into a case centered on the kidnapping of an American boy. He was abducted from his parents' home in the Tuscan countryside but the investigation has more moving parts than they could have expected. Why? Because it's quite possible that he was taken as a retaliatory measure since the couple in question have ties to the mafia.

FBI: Most Wanted season 5 episode 7

"Rendition" has a tense case of the week. The Fugitive Task Force are called in when a prisoner exchange goes south outside of a New Jersey diner. It's bad. They find four cops shot to death at the scene and it looks like a Chechen hitman was responsible. Whatever is going down, it's a declaration of war and, based on the promo, the person at the center looks willing to take anyone out who stands in his way.

Cancel Christmas
“Cancel Christmas” – Wednesday, April 3 (8:00-9:30 PM, ET/PT) /

Survivor 46 episode 6

"Cancel Christmas" is an interesting title for an episode that will see the castaways looking to merge. Their ability to excel at the social part of Survivor is going to be imperative as they each work out how they can exploit the other tribes' weaknesses to their favor. If they find cracks, they'll be able to slip right on in and boost their game, perhaps even upsetting the power balance and relationship dynamics.

Those Who Wander Are Not Lost
“Those Who Wander Are Not Lost” – Wednesday, April 3 (9:30-11:00 PM, ET/PT) /

The Amazing Race 36 episode 4

With an episode title like "Those Who Wander are Not Lost," it sounds like a team is going to be very much lost but trying to make the best of it in Medellín, Colombia or they're in denial. The episode kicks off with the teams paragliding into this leg of their journey but they'll also have to pick their poison when it comes to a detour. Will they choose "getting in sync" or "decoding a rebus puzzle"? They'll have to make a wise decision because it could mean the end of their participation in the competition if they can't overcome the task.

Hello, Brother
“Hello, Brother” – Thursday, April 4 (8:31-9:01 PM, ET/PT) /

Ghosts season 3 episode episode 6

Jon Glaser guest stars in "Hello, Brother," as Trevor's younger brother Jeremy. He's at the Woodstone because he found a loophole in the reward points program, so he'll be checking in. Of course, a family reunion may be out of the cards, however, viewers can likely expect to learn more about Trevor and his loved ones now that Jeremy is around. Plus, the ghosts will be weighing in on what they think of him as well.

Elsbeth episode 2

The wait is over! If you enjoyed Elsbeth's premiere, and you've been anticipating the second episode in its freshman season, it looks like it'll have been well worth the way. Linda Lavin and Jane Krakowski guest star in "A Classic New York Character." In the episode, Elsbeth will be getting to the bottom of the death of a co-op board president (Lavin) who fell from her balcony. The woman was hated by my many. As Elsbeth and Kaya investigate, they meet a Manhattan real estate broker by the name of Joann (Krakowski). She's excellent at her job, loves to rock climb, and is definitely hiding something.

Reality Shock
"Reality Shock" -- Thursday, April 4 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) /

Elsbeth episode 3

In "Reality Shock," the investigation revolves around the death of a reality TV star who dies in her bathtub. It's up to Elsbeth and Kaya to determine whether or not a homicide took place, but their prime suspect if it's murder is Skip Mason, played by guest star Jesse Tyler Ferguson. He's the producer of "Lavish Ladies," a show that the deceased was on. Skip has been accused of being so desperate to make "good TV" that he's willing to put the stars' lives in danger to accomplish his goal.

SWAT season 7 episode 7

"Last Call" picks up in the aftermath of Luca's shooting. The team are waiting for news and, from the promo, we know that the bullet did hit his heart. Besides hoping and praying that Luca will pull through, Hondo and the rest of the team will be combing the city looking for the robbery crew behind the shooting. As this is going on, Deacon is set to deal with a road block when it comes to his future plans, and Powell and Alfaro won't be seeing eye when it comes to a tricky issue they have to solve.

Fire Country season 2 episode 5

Prepare to be dropped into the immediate aftermath of the ambulance accident from episode 4. In "This Storm Will Pass," not only will we be learning who survived the crash that put Bode, Cara, Diego, and the correctional officer's lives in danger, they along with 42, Three Rock, and the rest of Edgewater will be contending with a fire tornado. The episode promises to be a game changer.

Bad Faith
“Bad Faith” – Friday, April 5 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) /

Blue Bloods season 14 episode 5

"Bad Faith" is a packed episode with multiple cases. Erin will be looking into corrupt horse racing as the lead of a federal investigation. Presumably, guest star James Le Gros, who plays Don Voorhees, will be folded into her storyline since he's a potential trial witness. Jamie's case involves drug trafficking and rival gangs. There have been a series of assaults in Little Vietnam, so Danny and Baez will be investigating along with a "familiar face." Meanwhile, Frank has to deal with the Brotherhood of Teamsters and their determination for NYPD to join their union. Tate Donovan guest stars as Terry Friendly, a labor union leader.