Christmas is almost here! Stream these 3 holiday movies (for free) while gift wrapping

A Christmas Carol, Shrek the Halls, and EXmas are some of the best free holiday films to have on in the background before Christmas is here.

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It's the season of giving, and there's some streaming services out there doing just that for us! While you're busy putting the final touches on those precious gifts, there's three free holiday movies we recommend you watch while doing so!

There's plenty of Christmas films to watch for free on various platforms including Pluto TV, which has a channel dedicated to holiday films playing 24/7 during the season, tubi, Amazon's Freevee, and more. While a lot of them aren't those that are well-known, you'll still be able to find productions that are cheesy and feel-good that are great to have on in the background while gift wrapping.

But, there are a few gems from the list of many films, and we've found three that we recommend: A Christmas Carol, Shrek the Halls, and EXmas. Learn more about the films and where to stream them for free below!

Holiday movies to stream for free in 2023

A Christmas Carol

Of course we needed to start this list off with a classic, and thankfully A Christmas Carol is streaming for free online! To watch the iconic movie, which first came out in 1984, head on over to tubi to do so. No account is needed, you just get to start watching!

There's something about the Scrooge and Grinch stories we like, and I think it's because it's heartwarming to see how these grumpy, unsocial characters learn about the magic of Christmas, and that brings out the inner child in us too. A Christmas Carol, based on Charles Dickens' novella of the same name, is about the "unscrupulous businessman" Ebenezer Scrooge who isn't in the giving spirit ever, including the holidays as well. When his dead business partner appears to him warning Scrooge of his fate, as well as three ghosts - Christmas Past, Christmas Present, and Christmas Future, he learns to open his heart.

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Shrek the Halls

Now this one might be geared more towards a younger audience, but that doesn't mean us adults can't enjoy a kids movie. Especially when it comes to Shrek! I for one still enjoy these films as an adult too. Thankfully, there's a holiday Shrek film, Shrek the Halls, and it's streaming for free on The CW.

The 30-minute special's events happen between Shrek the Third and Shrek Forever After. Our favorite green ogre isn't really in the holiday spirit, and doesn't know much about Christmas. But he gets himself into the spirit to give his family a memorable holiday after promising Fiona and their kids a great Christmas. Ready for a quiet celebration at home, things take a turn when someone, aka Donkey, decides to stop by and brings everyone else along with him. This is definitely a funny and sweet short film to have on during the holidays.

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We like to provide variety on our lists, and what better way to do so than to add a romantic-comedy? I mean, just look at the Hallmark Channel during the Christmas holiday. It's full of rom-coms! And it can be a nice change of pace than a more traditional holiday film. One we really like and recommend is Exmas on Amazon Freevee, which just came out in November 2023. The film stars Gossip Girl's Leighton Meester and The Flash's Robbie Amell.

It's a pretty interesting story concept too! When Graham (Amell) decides to come home for the holidays and surprise his family, he's "shocked to discover" that his ex-fiancée Ali (Meester) is already there and celebrating with them. The two hilariously "battle it out" as Graham's family will choose which one of them should stay on Christmas Day.

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