Cleaning hacks we learned from Monica Geller on Friends

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Wow, could it BE any cleaner in this room? The answer is no. At least, not if Monica Geller had anything to do with it! The characters from the popular sitcom Friends taught us many things, but what has stuck with fans the most are Monica's cleaning hacks.

Courtney Cox portrays Monica Geller in the longtime-running sitcom Friends, a tough-as-nails character who is extremely loyal to those she loves. Monica is also an amazing chef. But Monica's characteristic that stands out the most is definitely how clean, tidy, and organized she is. Seriously, a real-life Monica Geller would get her own reality series where she shares her favorite tips.

I think I speak for most fans when I say that, now that we're older, we can use some of Monica's cleaning and organization hacks more than ever. This is why we have put together five of our favorite tips and tricks we learned watching Courtney Cox on Friends.

In the video below, Max shares nine cleaning tips from Monica. We took a few cleaning hacks from the video, but also added a few of our own.

Our favorite cleaning hacks from Friends' Monica Geller

Everything has a home

Monica Geller taught us that every item has a home. And if you ever need to take something out of its home, be sure to put it back. This is especially true if the item does not belong to you or you are in someone else's home. As Monica demonstrates in Friends, even if you are trying to help out, don't. One great example is when Rachel Greene moves Monica's green ottoman.

Another great example is when Chandler Bing tried to help tidy up the place. Let's just say, it was not well-received by Monica. Everything from the fridge magnets to the chairs were in the wrong place, according to Monica. If you are the one who keeps your home tidy, make sure you establish this rule with anyone who lives with you.

Categorize the towels

This is one that I did pick up from Monica Geller. If you find a fancy set of towels while out shopping, get it! Just be sure not to put it in your bathroom on a regular day. After all, why risk ruining such a nice towel? Now, you don't need 11 categories for your towels like Monica. I only keep up with three: Everyday towels, fancy towels, and towels in use.

No eating in bed (or couch)

This is a must on so many levels. For starters, no matter what we eat, there will be crumbs, a spill, a mess. Grabbing a snack to cuddle up in bed with for a movie seems like a no-brainer, but I would be extremely careful. Not only will you get your bed dirty, but you are sending out an invitation to all nearby ants. I don't know about you, but waking up to an itchy ant bite is not fun.

Now, as for the couch, this is harder to do. How can you not bring snacks with you to the couch for a show or movie? What I advice is to put a blanket or sheet over the couch so that any crumbs or spills land on the blanket instead of the couch.

Have all of the cleaning supplies

In your cleaning closet (yes, you must have a cleaning supply closet) be sure to stock up on all materials -- this includes mops, towels, hand soap, soap for dishes, soap for grease, cleaning spray for bathroom, the kitchen, and cars. In Monica's case, she had the right supplies for cleaning cars, but she doesn't even have a car. Monica tells Chandler that she once saw a dirty car and decided to buy the materials to clean it (and six other cars on the block). You just never know when you may need something!

Wash your hands

If you're not already doing this, please don't shake my hand. Good hygiene begins with washing your hands. You need to do this before and after dinner, before you cook, before touching a baby (sometimes after holding a baby), after using the bathroom, and, as Monica points out in the video above, before touching a photo album!

Please remember, though, no one is perfect! Even Monica Geller had a dirty little secret...her closet! As you may remember, the closet in the hall was always kept under lock and key because it contained Monica's mess. That closet was overflowing with junk! So be it a closet, drawer, or entire room, we all need a messy space.

You can stream all seasons of Friends, including the special reunion, on Max.