Season 2 episode 14 is missing from Community on streaming (Here's why)

With all six seasons of the comedy coming to Peacock April 1, 2024, there's one episode that won't be included in the catalog.

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Six seasons and a movie is finally happening for Community on Peacock, and we absolutely can't wait! It's been a decade since the fun comedy series came to an end, and fans have been waiting (im)patiently for a film to wrap up the story. It also just has to happen because of the running joke and iconic line of "six seasons and a movie" from the show.

While we wait in the meantime for Community: The Movie, all six seasons of Community are coming to Peacock starting Monday, April 1, 2024. Though it was a NBC series (and season 6 on Yahoo! Screen), the sitcom has been on Netflix and Hulu for the last few years. Now, it's moving to its new streaming home with all the episodes. Well, almost.

Those of you who have watched Community on Netflix and Hulu may have noticed that there's an episode missing. Season 2 episode 14, "Advanced Dungeons & Dragons," to be exact. On Hulu, it's clear because in the full list of episodes from the season, it jumps from episode 13 to episode 15 and it's obvious an installment is missing. Netflix was more subtle about it, just listing episodes 1-23 with an "episode 14" included though that's not the actual one. The full season had 24 episodes.

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Whether you've seen comments online about a missing episode or remember "Advanced Dungeons & Dragons" while the show was on the air, you're probably wondering why this particular installment is not on streaming. The reason Community season 2 episode 14 has been removed from streaming is because it seems to be using blackface with Ken Jeong's character, Ben Chang. When the group plays a game of Dungeons & Dragons, Chang shows up dressed as a dark elf, aka a drow, with black makeup all over his skin, a white-haired wig, and pointed ears. This is how the dark elves are described and portrayed in the fantasy roleplaying game, but some saw it as offensive especially during the time the episode was taken down.

In June 2020, the show had already been streaming on Netflix and Hulu. That's when the two streamers decided to take down the episode. This was during the Black Lives Matter protests in response to the murder of George Floyd by now former police officer Derek Chauvin. So because Chang comes in wearing black makeup, with some agreeing its blackface while others disagreeing, the two platforms saw it fit to remove the episode. When the show is added to Peacock, the season 2 installment will not be there either.

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In the episode when Chang walks in, Shirley (Yvette Nicole Brown) does make the comment of "so we're just going to ignore the hate crime?" And Chang simply responds, "I'm a dark elf or a drow." Because of this, the actress felt like the Community writers addressed and were aware of the implication, which is why she disagreed with the streamers' decision. Here's what she said in an interview with Gizmodo in 2023:

"I'm really sad that that episode is no longer in rotation. I think the reason that it was pulled, and this is a Black person speaking, I think the reason it was pulled was an overcorrection. And I think they should fix that. Ken Jeong's character played a drow, and they have black skin. It was not Ken Jeong in blackface. And I think that anyone that understood Dungeons and Dragons would have understood the distinction. And it's also, there's a moment where Shirley in the episode literally calls what Chang is doing a hate crime because it shows that Shirley didn't understand Dungeons and Dragons. So it had been handled.By them removing that show, we've lost a great episode where Charlie Koontz shines, and it's a great story about bullying and showing up for your friends."

There's many who share the same opinion as Brown, while there's also people who are on the opposite end. This has become a controversial topic amongst viewers on whether the episode should have been removed in the first place, or if it should have remained/be brought back. Though if there's one thing all fans can agree on, including me, it's that season 2 episode 14 is one of the best from Community.

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As Brown mentions, the story highlights the impact bullying can have on a person. Fellow Greendale student, Neil (Koontz), is depressed from being bullied and known at school as "Fat Neil." Because of this, he's suicidal. Jeff (Joel McHale) is the one who actually coined the term, and feeling guilty he encourages the study group to play Dungeons and Dragons, a game Neil is interested in, to cheer him up. This was important because Jeff and the group learn the consequences of their actions for fat shaming their fellow student. Well, everyone learns a lesson except for Pierce (Chevy Chase).

As a viewer, removing the episode overall isn't too jarring until you get to season 5 episode 10, "Advanced Advanced Dungeons and Dragons." It's a follow up to the season 2 installment, and the characters reference things from it. If you're someone who never got the chance to watch it, then it can be confusing. The installment is also praised for its good writing and pacing, as well as being able to tell a compelling story even though the majority of the episode takes place in one room.

If you really want to check out the episode for context in regards to the season 5 installment, or to see how the comedy decided to highlight the theme of bullying, you can purchase season 2 episode 14 on Prime Video, Apple TV, YouTube, or Fandango at Home.

All six seasons of Community begin streaming Monday, April 1, 2024 on Peacock. Stay tuned to Hidden Remote as we bring you updates about Community: The Movie!

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