Did Young and the Restless air today on CBS? (Jan. 8, 2024)

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If you're in the D.C. metro area, quality time with the soap Young and the Restless got cut short today as CBS News broke in to cover Ron Rivera's departure from the Washington Commanders on Jan. 8, 2024 as the team's head coach. It was a call many saw coming as it's been the talk of the town for weeks that the Commanders less than stellar 2023 season, which is one in a string of them for Rivera, would signal the end of the coach's time with the team.

Whether you're a Commanders fan or not, this news break wasn't what soap fans wanted but, thankfully, since the daytime program was already underway before it was interrupted, you can count on the episode releasing on Paramount+ later today. The episode, according to spoilers from Soap She Knows, is supposed to center on Victor inquiring about Nikki's sobriety. Remember, it was broken during that harrowing ordeal with Christine and Aunt Jordan.

Also set to happen is Ashley standing her ground when it comes to her husband, Tucker. She won't be shaken by his behavior. Though we do wonder how long they'll be on this merry-go-round. And, Young and the Restless is keeping with the Abbotts as Jack gives his son, Kyle, a warning. Apparently, he's being far too sneaky for his father's liking.

Stop reading at this point if you don't want spoilers for tomorrow!

On Tuesday, Jan. 9, Ashley and Cole reunite which means viewers who don't know about their story will likely be given the low down on it during their scenes. It looks like Kyle won't be heeding Jack's warning because he ends up over his head. Meanwhile, Summer will be shooting her shot with Chance via some kind of surprise.

Barring unexpected news interruptions, Young and the Restless will be airing new episodes all week. Stay tuned to Hidden Remote for more Soap Opera news and coverage!