Disney+ is adding Wish, Bluey's The Sign, and more in April 2024

Disney+ is having an adventurous April with tons of new shows and movies.

Ariana DeBose in Wish - credit: Disney
Ariana DeBose in Wish - credit: Disney /

Month by month, Disney+ is one of those streamers that is always adding tons of new content and gives us plenty to be excited about.

Whether you're looking forward to a certain Disney movie, have a recent TV you're obsessed with, or want something new to try, then April is full of some amazing releases. Honestly, if you haven't subscribed yet, April might convince you.

One thing I always appreciate about doing these posts is that it helps me figure out what I'm watching throughout the month. Hopefully, it does the same for you and gives you something to look forward to.

With that being said, let's start off with April 1st and there is only one release coming out which is 4 episodes from Season 3 of Theme Song Takeover. Theme Song Takeover features some of our favorite Disney characters singing theme songs to shows they aren't a part of.

Disney+ only gets sweeter as the month of April goes on!

Moving ahead to April 3, Disney+ is counting on its big release and that's Wish. While the film wasn't as beloved as the company hoped for, maybe its Disney+ release will help with that. For some reason, that tends to do the trick. If movies aren't your thing, Disney gets it as the platform is also adding tons of new episodes, too.

April 3 will also give us more episodes of Chibi Tales and Alice's Wonderland Bakery. If that wasn't enough, you can also stream Episode 4 of X-Men '97 along with the Season 3 episodes 10 and 11 of Star Wars: The Bad Batch. Talk about an embarrassment of riches all in one day!

On April 7th, Disney+ is adding the first of its two Bluey specials with "Ghostbaskets." Then on April 10th, we'll be getting new episodes of Firebuds, The Incredible Dr. Pol, and Shorts Spectacular. Of course, we can't forget about Episode 5 of X-Men '97 and Season 3, Episode 12 of Star Wars: The Bad Batch.

Disney+ is dropping "The Sign" on April 14, which is the 28-minute long Bluey special we've all been waiting for. If you're a Bluey family, brace yourselves because this is going to be big. Even if you don't have little ones in the house, there's no way you haven't heard of Bluey. This is going to be a huge release for Disney+.

If you're not a Bluey fan, which seems unlikely, Disney+ is adding more content on April 17 you may be interested in, instead. You can stream more episodes of Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet, Drain the Oceans, and PJ Masks: Power Heroes. As you can imagine, we're also getting episode 6 of X-Men '97 and season 3, episode 13 of Star Wars: The Bad Batch. Pretty sure you're sensing a theme with some of these Disney+ releases by now.

Moving on to April 22, Disney+ is celebrating Earth Day by releasing season 1 episodes of Secrets of the Octopus, Tiger and Tiger on the Rise. Disney+ is wrapping things up a bit early in April with everything else being added on April 24. On that day, you can stream seasons 1 and 2 of Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition, Season 6 episodes of Bring It!, and season 1 episodes of Dance Moms: Abby's Studio Rescue.

Lastly, on April 24, you can stream episodes from season 3 of Marvel's Spidey and his Amazing Friends along with season 3, episode 14 of Star Wars: The Bad Batch. If you couldn't tell, April is a packed month for the streaming platform. While it might not be as impactful as the release of Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour (Taylor's Version), you should be able to find something.

What will you be streaming this April on Disney+?

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