Double-cast anniversaries fuel Nick and Sharon's remarriage potential on Young and the Restless

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Faith asked Sharon an intriguing question on The Young and the Restless. Her just-returned daughter, who was home from college for the summer, noticed Sharon's demeanor change when Nick was around.

Faith wasn't convinced when her mother dismissed getting back together with Nick. Sharon talked around the subject of reconciliation while longing fans agreed with Faith's insight.

Who better than one of Sharon and Nick's children to know that the remnant feelings one half of this soap opera's all-time couples are real? Considering that Sharon Case and Joshua Morrow are both celebrating their 30th cast anniversaries, this long-awaited remarriage may be developing.

Back in the day, when Sharon Collins and Nick Newman paired

Nick was a legacy character who debuted in 1989. Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome enabled a recast to Morrow in 1994, with a memorable return scene. The fall winds blew leaves against the door of the Ranch, and Morrow entered as the aged up character returned from boarding school in Europe.

Sharon Collins was created to pair with Nick. They were married by 1995, and by 1997, Sharon's assumed only daughter, who she had given up for adoption, returned to her life.

The realization of Cassie (Camryn Grimes' original role before later playing Mariah) and her eventual adoption by Nick were terrific storylines. But both were infinitely topped by one that followed in May 2005, when Cassie died as the result of injuries suffered in a car accident involving Daniel.

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The connection to Phyllis Summers can't be denied

Faith was surprised when Sharon said she wouldn't be surprised if Nick eventually returned to Phyllis. Case's character acknowledged, in a way different from the past, that an undeniable connection exists.

Devoted viewers recall, and Nick recently again admitted that he didn't handle the grief following Cassie's death well. It led him to withdraw from Sharon and begin a relationship with Phyllis. Summer became Faith's sister as a result.

Nick divorced Sharon in 2006 and married Phyllis for the first time. That marriage lasted through 2010 when they divorced. The remarriage was shorter, lasting from 2012 to 2013, when Michelle Stafford left the cast (she later returned in 2019).

Could the third time will be the charm for Sharon and Nick?

It has always felt unusual that Sharon and Nick have never been written back to remarriage. The love birds referred to two attempts they made, with trips to the altar dramatically halted. The recent flashback of the most recent attempt involved creative video clipping because Gina Tognoni was playing Phyllis during the most recent remarriage effort.

Finally, reuniting Sharon and Nick through a completed nuptial would make total soapy sense. Why not do it using Case and Morrow's dual three-decade anniversary milestones as fuel? Sharon remains widowed. While she claimed to be at the right place in her life with Nick, being apart from him forever keeps their love story broken long after all emotional wounds healed.

While Phyllis is single and, therefore, a threat to Nick's vulnerabilities, he is in a prime position to make a choice. Nick can't plausibly choose single status eternally, so returning to one of his two great loves makes sense. Marriage number three to Phyllis could happen but a successful third remarriage attempt with Sharon would be arguably more fitting and likely result in a stronger fan response.


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