Everything we know about The Santa Clauses season 3 so far

Season 2 of The Santa Clauses wrapped just before Christmas! But fans are already wondering if The Santa Clauses season 3 is happening. Here's what we know.
The Santa Clauses season 2 on Disney+
The Santa Clauses season 2 on Disney+ /

Tim Allen's The Santa Clause movie franchise is a classic favorite fans love to watch every holiday season. So having the Disney+ series The Santa Clauses based on the same characters has been a real joy. With two seasons under Santa's belt, the question we all have is -- will season 3 happen?

Please note that, at this time, The Santa Clauses on Disney+ has not been officially renewed for a third season. Don't worry, it has not been canceled, either. And, usually, we hear bad news first. Not to mention, executive producer Jason Winer shared that he believes the series has a pretty good chance of being picked up for another season. Of course, as soon as we have more details or hear official news, we'll update this post! In the meantime, here are all the updates we have so you don't miss out.

The Santa Clauses executive producer Jason Winer talks season 3

According to The Direct, executive producer Jason Winer recently shared in an interview with Behind the Lens, that, though nothing is official just yet, he feels a third season is very likely. Winer told the source:

"The show [The Santa Clauses] is a giant hit for Disney+ a season 3 feels...while it's never a certainty, it feels like we got a good shot.""

Jason Winer

We have to agree! The Disney+ series is a favorite here at Hidden Remote. Not only is it a great family-friendly series (which we don't have enough of these days, sadly), but adds holiday season joy! Tim Allen is simply fantastic in the role, magically bringing to life one of the most recognizable characters of all time.

One thing fans would never want is to get another season of The Santa Clauses (or any show, for that matter) without there being a story to tell. But that's why we believe another season is ahead, there is still SO MUCH of Tim Allen's Santa world to see. And the cameos are a bonus! We never know who'll be popping up.

Keep checking back as we'll keep this page updated with season 3 news.

  • Is The Santa Clauses season 3 happening?: Unconfirmed, but likely to happen
  • Season 3 cast: We won't know until we learn more about season 3. However, Tim Allen, Elizabeth Mitchell, and Austin Kane are guaranteed to return. It wouldn't be the same without them!
  • Season 3 synopsis: More to come...
  • Where will it stream?: If the series is renewed for a third season, it will stream on Disney+.

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