Finish the Sheldon Cooper line: Can you get a 10/10 on this The Big Bang Theory quiz?

Photo: Richard Cartwright/CBS ©2017 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights
Photo: Richard Cartwright/CBS ©2017 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights /

Sheldon Cooper is an iconic television character, albeit pretty strange. But don't worry, his mother had him tested. The genius scientist knew what he was doing on paper, but that didn't translate to his social interactions. Sheldon's character growth was great on the show, becoming more empathetic especially when he and Amy started to fall in love. But still, he had some of the funniest lines on the comedy series even though many of them are kind of rude. Can you remember them all? Take our quiz to find out!

So how did you do? 10/10? I would hope you got the "I'm not crazy. My mother had me tested" one correct as I gave it to you above! That one was a freebie. There's so many lines and quotes that just make me laugh by reading them because I can picture the scene and the way Jim Parsons delivers the lines in my head. One of my favorites is the first question - "Yes! My brain is better than everybody's!"

I mean, we know just how obnoxious Sheldon can be. To an annoying extent many times. But this scene just cracks me up. In The Big Bang Theory season 7 episode 3, "The Scavenger Vortex," Raj decides to create a scavenger hunt when the gang blows off his mystery dinner. Sheldon preps as he does with everything, and decides to take a bowling ball with him because, you know, germs. Though Leonard questioned whether Raj would actually send them to a bowling alley, Sheldon is not deterred.

Well, it turns out he was right! One of the clues does indeed take him and his partner Penny to a bowling alley for one of the clues. And Sheldon shouts his victory in the most hilarious way. Don't doubt Sheldon is the moral of the story. At least most of the time.

Another great line and moment is Sheldon's wedding vows to Amy. He explains that though he usually has the words and knows what to say, but right then and there he says: "I’m overwhelmed by you, in a good way. Not in the elevator in the Haunted Mansion way." In typical TBBT style, we needed some humor in an emotional moment, and I love it. He then goes on to tell Amy that though he can't find the words, he's going to spend the rest of his days showing Amy how much he loves her. Aw! This was such a pivotal moment for both characters, but especially Sheldon, who thought he'd never care about someone, get married, and have physical relations with a woman. But Amy changed it all!

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