FOX looks to adapt Proof in broadcast's post-superhero era

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For those of us lamenting the impending end of the longest run of superhero TV on broadcast, the 2024-2025 will be bittersweet. Superman and Lois's fourth and final season will mark the end of an era for network TV that was iconic and heavily impacted pop culture. It's been a repeated refrain that broadcast just can't taken on the task of adapting superhero stories due to the licensing costs, the increased standards for special effects use in the genre, and declining linear viewership.

But just because the networks are out of the superhero game doesn't mean they're shying away from doing comics adaptations. Of course, it's FOX that's given the greenlight for development of a new series. The network was home to one of the most underrated DC series--Gotham. Now, they're looking to place an adaptation of Proof.

The series, from Image Comics, follows the story of FBI Agent-in-Training Ginger Rodriguez and her partnership with John "Proof" Prufrock. FOX CEO Rob Wade recently said that the network is on the lookout for more "sexy rebels" and it seems Alex Grecian and Riley Rossmo's story fits the bill.

Deadline reports the show will be a supernatural crime procedural. The latter part of that categorization is firmly in FOX's wheelhouse but it's been a bit since they've stepped into the realm of the supernatural. It should be fun though particularly since the duo, Ginger and Proof, are said to have the kind of dynamic that lends itself to an unlikely friendship that has the potential to bloom into a romance.

That's sure to be interesting since Ginger is human and Proof is a Bigfoot. The pair have been tasked with protecting Cryptids, creatures whose existence have yet to be proven. For those of us who walk on the nerdy side that's going to make the case of the week even more interesting. According to the outlet, the show is being touted as a cross between X-Files and Men in Black. I don't know about you, but I'm definitely excited about this and hoping FOX gives it the greenlight.

Cory Goodman and Jeremy Lott are adapting the series for the network and Alex Grecian is attached to the project as a producer. I should note though that we could be in for a wait regarding the show's pick-up. The Proof TV adaptation hasn't been ordered and the development process can take years. But, hopefully, we'll see this one hour drama next TV season!

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