FOX's new medical drama Doc is coming in 2025, here's what to know!

DOC: Molly Parker in DOC coming soon to FOX. © 2024 Fox Media LLC. CR: Peter Stranks/FOX.
DOC: Molly Parker in DOC coming soon to FOX. © 2024 Fox Media LLC. CR: Peter Stranks/FOX. /

FOX has three new scripted dramas making their land for the 2024-2025 television but one has been held for the midseason. That's the medical drama Doc. The series has big shoes to fill since it's slotting onto a roster that once boasted The Resident. But, given the premise of the program, we're sure viewers will be hooked by its compelling and heart wrenching story.

Doc is based on the Italian drama Doc -- Nelle tue mani and follows Dr. Amy Larsen in the wake of a brain injury that upends her world. Before the car accident, she'd been the Chief of Internal and Family Medicine at Westside Hospital, a take charge woman with little patience but a brilliant mind. Amy had suffered the tragedy of losing her son and in the process of grieving, she walked away from her marriage to her soulmate and hardened herself to keep moving forward.

But the injury has caused amnesia. When she wakes up, she's lost eight years of her memories. She reels as she learns what happened, is introduced to her now teenaged daughter, finds out that the love of her life is now her ex-husband, and she's romantically involved with a completely different person. Unfortunately, she must also contend with the loss of her son all over again. Now forced by circumstances to navigate a life she doesn't remember creating, Amy only has her daughter and a handful of devoted friends to help her as she works to continue to practice medicine despite having lost almost a decade of hard-earned knowledge and experience.

Here's what else you need to know about the show!

Doc premieres on FOX in 2025

As mentioned above, we're in for a wait. Doc won't make its debut on FOX until the midseason. Neither a release date nor a release window has been shared. Typically midseason programs debut between January and March, and this series is slated for a winter release so it'll likely premiere in January or February. We'll update this section once more information is announced.

Filming is underway

According to Hollywood North Buzz, filming began on the series in Toronto back in Feb. 28. Season 1 is set to wrap on June 28. The cast and crew are utilizing a soundstage in Oakville. Per the Oakville News, the production has been filming around the area and in Halton including Ce Soir bistro. Once the series hits the small screen, fans of Good Sam may recognize Doc's setting as the two medical dramas share the same backdrop. For this series, however, Toronto is serving as a stand-in for Minneapolis.

Molly Parker
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  • Molly Parker as Dr. Amy Larsen
  • Omar Metwally as Dr. Michael Hamda
  • Amirah Vann as Dr. Gina Walker
  • Jon Ecker as Dr. Jake Heller
  • Anya Banerjee as Dr. Sonya Maitra
  • Scott Wolf as Dr. Richard Miller
  • Patrick Walker as Dr. Theodore “TJ” Coleman

Character descriptions as reported by Deadline:

Omar Metwally
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Dr. Michael Hamda is Westside Hospital's Chief Medical Officer (CMO). Though he is a trained MD, Michael decided to take the administrative route once he realized that he could better serve patients behind the scenes. That's why he got his MBA, but Michael is a champion of bringing humanity back to the business side of medicine. He's driven toward this task and has a natural authority to him as well as an obvious intelligence but Michael's most prized title is that of Dad. His family comes first always, even in the face of his marriage to Dr. Amy Larsen falling apart and the complicated relationship they have now that they're working together.

Amirah Vann
2023 Black Women On Broadway Awards / Arturo Holmes/GettyImages

Neuropsychiatrist Dr. Gina Walker is not only Amy's best friend of 20 years, she's also her doctor after her life-changing injury. As such, she must strike a balance between the professional and personal as she helps her friend. Gina, however, can do this and will with the wit, warmth, and dedication that she's known for. But when it comes to her own personal life, the good doctor has some difficulty navigating those waters.

Jon Ecker
33rd Annual Imagen Awards - Arrivals / JC Olivera/GettyImages

Dr. Jake Heller has double duty, he's the Chief Resident and also Amy's new love. The problem, however, is that she doesn't remember him. But, in spite of that painful reality, he will continue to defend and champion her work the way he's always done because he loves her both professionally and personally. Jake is dedicated, warm, charming, and fun but his bright personality hides his strained relationship with his ex-wife Rachel, with whom he shares a 5 year old daughter named Mia, and a rough upbringing. His daughter is the center of his world.

Third year resident Dr. Sonya Maitra is assigned to help take care of Amy after her accident which is initially a problem because she can't stand the Chief of Internal and Family Medicine. This is due to the way Amy has treated her colleagues and subordinates at Westside hospital. Sonya's feelings on the matter are complicated by Jake, her closest friend, and his feelings for Amy but she also starts to see another side to her boss as she cares for her. Outside of work, Sonya has a close-knit family but she doesn't have a love to go home to unlike her loved ones who are all married including her parents who have 30 years of wedded bliss to celebrate. Time is ticking, if she wants to have kids biologically, and Sonya still hasn't found her own Mr. Right.

Scott Wolf
Champagne Collet at The 25th Annual Critics' Choice Awards / Michael Kovac/GettyImages

Dr. Richard Miller and Amy were once friends but their relationship soured when she "stole" Chief from him. But, due to her accident, he has finally has the position he believes he should have had, however, that may not hold. Richard is uptight and ambitious, he also fears admitting to his own mistakes, but he is kind to his subordinates and a devoted family man. His wife, Victoria, is a lawyer and he adores her and their kids. Their home life, however, hasn't been the best due to recent family drama which has caused issues and has started to distract Richard while he's working.

Patrick Walker
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First year resident Dr. Theodore “TJ” Coleman has a bond with Amy that he's kept hidden so as not to give the appearance that he's received preferential treatment from her. She's the reason why he became a physician, so when Amy comes back to work after the accident, and the two are basically equals in the field due to her memory loss, he helps her, becoming yet another person that has her back as she navigates this life that's brand new to her. TJ is a veteran and the son of two cops, service runs in his blood. Wicked smart, charismatic, and kind, he's got an infectious smile that can win anyone to his side.

Check out this look at Doc:

Doc is based on a true story

As the promo notes, Doc is inspired by real life events. This is due to the medical drama being an adaptation of Italian series Doc -- Nelle tue mani which is based on what happened to Dr. Pierdante Piccioni. According to Rai News, Piccioni lost 12 years of his life after injuries he sustained during a car accident led to a lesion to the cerebral cortex.

When he woke up from his coma, he learned he lost over a decade of memories. His children were adults and he wasn't a provincial doctor like he thought, he was a head doctor. Everything from the life he knew before was different, had changed, and so he had to go through the slow, heartbreaking process of piecing his life back together even though he would never regain the years he lost. Piccioni, however, did return to medicine.

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