The Girls on the Bus comes to Max in March, here's everything you need to know

Mark your calendars for March 14, 2024 when the series debuts with the first two episodes.

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Hop on everyone! New series The Girls on the Bus starring Supergirl herself Melissa Benoist is coming to Max very soon. After months and months without any new content from networks or streamers, we're starting to get things back on track. March is going to be a big month for new and returning shows, and thankfully this one is one of them.

The Girls on the Bus premieres Thursday, March 14, 2024 on Max. Benoist is not only in the lead role, but she produces as well. The political drama was created by former New York Times journalist Amy Chozick and developer of The Vampire Diaries Julie Plec. The project is inspired by Chozick's memoir Chasing Hillary as she was a real-life political reporter who went on the road with multiple presidential candidates and Hillary Clinton for eight years . Rina Mimoun is the showrunner.

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Mark your calendars, here's when you need to tune in!

The series drops the first two episodes on premiere day, which will be followed by on new episode weekly until Thursday, May 9, 2024. There's a total of 10 episodes of the show. We shared the full episode schedule below:

  • Episode 1 - March 14
  • Episode 2, "She's With Her" - March 14
  • Episode 3, "The Audacity of Nope" - March 21
  • Episode 4, "Two Americas" - March 28
  • Episode 5, "Binders Full of Men" - April 4
  • Episode 6, "The Debate" - April 18
  • Episode 7, "Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself" - April 18
  • Episode 8, "Life is a Highway" - April 25
  • Episode 9, "Slouching Towards Brooklyn" - May 2
  • Episode 10, "The Everydays" - May 9

The Girls on the Bus tells the story of four female journalists who each have a different reporting style and personality, per the synopsis. They hop on a bus and join the presidential campaign trail. The show is mostly centered around journalist Sadie McCarthy (Benoist) who "romanticizes a bygone era of campaign reporting and scraps her whole life for a shot at covering a presidential candidate for a paper of record." Though the other three female journalists are her competitors, the women form a bond and get a "front-row seat to the greatest soap opera in town - the battle for the White House."

In speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Chozick also teased that the story is not just about politics. There's also intrigue, romance, and more. Here's what she said to the outlet:

"Things are really dark right now, in politics, in media, whether it's layoffs or distrust in media and I think our show is an antidote, an escape. There's a lot of hope and heart in it."

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Who stars alongside Melissa Benoist?

Benoist is best known for her roles as Marley Rose in Glee, and of course Kara Danvers/Supergirl in Supergirl and the DC Universe. The actress is currently 35 years old and you can give her a follow on Instagram at @melissabenoist.

Joining her in the cast are her fellow female journalists Carla Gugino, Natasha Behnam, and Christina Elmore. Rounding out the cast are Brandon Scott, Griffin Dunne, Mark Consuelos, and Scott Foley. Check out the political drama's full cast list (and photos!) below:

  • Melissa Benoist as Sadie McCarthy
  • Carla Gugino as Grace
  • Natasha Behnam as Lola
  • Christina Elmore as Kimberlyn
  • Griffin Dunne as Bruce Turner
  • Brandon Scott
  • Mark Consuelos
  • Scott Foley
Courtesy: Max /
Courtesy: Max /
Courtesy: Max /

The Girls on the Bus premieres Thursday, March 14, 2024 on Max. Stay tuned to Hidden Remote as we bring you updates about the upcoming series!

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