Has The White Lotus already gotten the green light for a season 4? (Casey Bloys gives series update)

The White Lotus season 2
The White Lotus season 2 /

It looks like The White Lotus season 3 may not be the last in the franchise. While speaking to Variety HBO and Max content chairman and CEO Casey Bloys, gave an update that caught us by surprise! Filming on the third season is set to begin soon. The locale this turn around is Thailand but Bloys already has his mind on a fourth season. He told the outlet the following:

"I’m already excited about who is going to come back for Season 4. It really is a fun model that Mike has set up."

It seems that this wasn't a slip of the tongue because the show's creator, Mike White, makes sure to bridge the gap between seasons through making sure to include a cast member from a previous season. This allows for a sense of continuity for the audience despite The White Lotus being an anthology series. Also, it adds excitement because fans spend their time wondering just who will be brought back.

We're sure those who are staying tapped into how season 3 is being shaped will start speculating soon on which actor is going to be the one that returns in the fourth installment. From now until the premiere, which hasn't been announced though it's expected to release in 2025, and then on into the season, it's sure to be a topic of discussion.

One character returning for season 3 is Belinda, played by Natasha Rothwell. Her storyline is certain to intrigue as it'll have to include an update on what the spa manager has been up to since she was last season in The White Lotus' inaugural run.

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