Heartland cast ages: How old are the actors in the main cast?

The Canadian series Heartland has been going strong for 17 years, which begs the question: How old was the cast when it began? And what age is each actor now?
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Heartland - Dove Channel / Dove Channel

Heartland has been the longest-running hour-long scripted drama series in Canada's history since 2015, and it doesn't seem eager to lose that title. After all, it will be entering its 18th season this fall in Canada, with the new episodes coming to the United States in 2025.

The series is popular due to its inspirational tone and family-friendly content. Based on the books by Lauren Brooke, Heartland follows the Fleming family as they manage their family ranch. Although the bonds between characters and their horses are a huge part of the show, the relationships between members of the family, biological and chosen, make this a series fans keep coming back to.

Season one debuted on October 14, 2007, with a total of 259 episodes and one television film coming since. At that point, sisters Amy and Lou were 15 and 25, respectively. But how old were the actors when it all began, and how old are they now? While the show's youngest actors may not have even been born when the show began, the main cast has quite a wide range of ages as well.

Amber Marshall (Amy Fleming)

Although it is technically an ensemble show, Amy is definitely the main character. She is a natural with horses, just like her mother, which makes her a central figure on the ranch. However, she is also at the heart of the most family drama. Throughout the show, she has had to manage loved ones coming in and out of her life, as well as choosing to welcome others into the family.

As previously mentioned, Amy was 15 at the start of the show. However, actress Amber Marshall was actually 19 when it aired, which surely made it easier to navigate child labor laws while filming. In 2024, she is 36 years old.

Shaun Johnston (Jack Bartlett)

Jack is the owner of the Heartland ranch, and while he is the sisters' grandfather, he is a father figure to most of the people who live and work there. While his stubbornness can make it hard for the other characters to work with him, his heart is always in the right place.

Actor Jack Bartlett was only 49 years old when the series began, despite playing a character who was much older. Although Jack's age is not stated, his daughter Marion was 46 when she died at the beginning of the series, so he was likely intended to be in his mid-60s. Ironically, he is now 65 years old, turning 66 in September.

Michelle Morgan (Lou Fleming)

Lou is Amy's older sister, and while she lacks her sister's intuitive skill with horses, her understanding of finances is critical to the continued success of the family business. When the series began, she gave up everything to come back to Alberta and help keep the ranch afloat. She has had multiple romantic partners over the course of the show, and her business acumen keeps Heartland connected to the rest of the community.

Unlike Amber Marshall, actress Michelle Morgan is very close in age to her character. She was 26 when the series debuted, which meant she likely matched Lou's age when she was filming. In fact, she and her character have the same birthday (July 16, 1981). She is currently 42 years old, and will be 43 by the time season 18 airs.

Chris Potter (Tim Fleming)

While most of the main characters are incredibly likable, Tim Fleming might be hard for some fans to connect with at first. He came back to Heartland after his ex-wife's death but found an unwelcoming reception due to his substance abuse issues and abandonment of his daughters. Over the course of the series, he connects with his family despite their rocky past.

Tim's actor, Chris Potter, was 47 when the series first aired, which is about the right age for the character. He is currently 63 but will be turning 64 in August.

Graham Wardle (Ty Borden)

Ty was a troubled child, growing up in an abusive household and ending up in juvie for defending his mother. However, Heartland gave him the chance to turn his life around and see what a loving family is like. He quickly develops a love for animals, which leads him to stay past his court-mandated period of service and pursue a career in animal welfare.

Actor Graham Wardle is a few years older than his character, who was born in 1990. He was 21 when the show premiered, despite the fact that Ty was supposed to be 17. He is now 37 years old, although he will be 38 this September.

Alisha Newton (Georgie Fleming)

Georgie was first introduced on Heartland in season 6, but she has since become one of the show's most prominent characters. Orphaned at a young age, Georgie struggled to find a place in the world. She developed a habit of running away from foster homes until being welcomed into the Fleming family, where she found a direction for her restless energy and bold spirit.

Actress Alisha Newton was 11 when her first episode was released, which means she was actually a bit younger than her character when she began filming. She is now 22 years old and will turn 23 on July 22.

Kerry James (Caleb Odell)

Caleb was introduced in season 2 of Heartland and has been an active cast member ever since. He was originally a blend of Tim Fleming and Ty Borden, working on the ranch and competing in the rodeo. Much of his time on the show has been spent with him navigating complicated relationships and trying to figure out what career path to pursue.

Kerry James was likely the same age as his character during filming, as he was 22 when the first episode of season 2 aired. This set him up as an easy foil for Ty, whose actor was a similar age. In 2024, James is 37, turning 38 in August.

Jessica Steen (Lisa Stillman)

Lisa Stillman was first introduced three episodes into season 1 and has remained a frequent supporting character ever since. She is the owner of Fairfield Stables, a facility known for breeding exceptional horses. While it is as much a home to her as Heartland is to the Fleming-Bartlett family, she quickly finds both business and romantic connections at the ranch.

While it's never explained precisely how old Lisa is supposed to be, she is implied to be somewhere in between Jack and Tim. However, she's actually younger than both of them, at age 41 when her first episode aired. Now, she is 58 years old, still younger than Jack Bartlett was supposed to be when the show began.

Gabriel Hogan (Peter Morris)

Peter was introduced in season 2 of Heartland as a minor antagonist. His company was drilling for oil on Heartland property, which led the family to protest it. However, he ended up in an online relationship with Lou, which forced the rest of the family to see him as a person, instead of just the figurehead of an oil company.

Gabriel Hogan was 35 when his first episodes aired, nearly a decade older than Michelle Morgan, who was 27. While his age is never explicitly addressed, it's likely that he was meant to be closer in age to Lou than the actors were in real life. In 2024, he is 51 years old.

Jessica Amlee (Mallory Wells)

Mallory was a family friend of the Flemings in the early seasons of Heartland, with a crush on Ty and a close relationship with Jack. Her father was on tour as a country music star, so she was often left to her own devices. Despite being seen as an annoyance in the early seasons, she eventually became a member of the family.

Although Jessica Amlee was a year older than her character when the series began, she was likely the right age while filming. Both she and Mallory were 12 at the time, which made her one of the actors who changed the most over the course of the show. Despite leaving the show to pursue other career opportunities, Amlee remains a part of the Heartland family. She is now 29, turning 30 on July 17.

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