High Potential is coming to ABC in Fall 2024: Everything to know about the procedural

HIGH POTENTIAL - ABC's "High Potential" stars Kaitlin Olson. (ABC/David Bukach)
HIGH POTENTIAL - ABC's "High Potential" stars Kaitlin Olson. (ABC/David Bukach) KAITLIN OLSON /

Updated: June 5, 2024 - ABC has a new series ready to debut in Fall 2024. If you're looking for something to scratch your detective itch with The Rookie and Will Trent being held by the network until next year, High Potential is the program that's slated to catch your attention.

The procedural stars Kaitlin Olson as Morgan, a single mom with a genius IQ who winds up helping law enforcement solve cases. She's unconventional in her approach which makes her partnership with seasoned detective, and by-the-book crime solver, Det. Karadec (Daniel Sunjata) so unstoppable. However, it's an unusual one as well. Something tells us, fans of Elsbeth will find this series right up their alley. Here's more on the show!

High Potential release window

Filming on High Potential began in Los Angeles back on March 25. During the 2024 Disney Upfront, on May 14, Olson shared the following about production: "It's very collaborative and we're having a really good time. We're only on our fifth week of production, so, so far it's been great!"

An official premiere date has yet to be announced for High Potential, however, the ABC 2024-2025 schedule does place the program in the Tuesday 10 p.m. ET slot beginning in the fall, likely in September. Its lead-in will be Dancing with Stars. Next day streaming for the procedural will be available on Hulu (and Disney+ for bundle subscribers).

Rob Thomas has stepped down as showrunner

Variety reports that filming on High Potential has temporarily halted due to the departure of showrunner Rob Thomas. An official reason for his exit from the series has yet to be announced, however, the parting has been described as "amicable." Reportedly, the program's production had reached its pre-planned hiatus date, so the halt shouldn't disrupt its ability to move forward. News on who has been tapped to be the new showrunner is expected to roll in soon.


  • Kaitlin Olson as Morgan
  • Daniel Sunjata as Karadec
  • Javicia Leslie as Daphne
  • Deniz Akdeniz as Lev "Oz" Osman
  • Amirah J as Ava
  • Matthew Lamb as Elliot
  • Judy Reyes as Selena

High Potential is an adaptation

This new ABC series is actually based on a French crime comedy titled HPI: High Potential Intellectual. The original show followed Morgane, a 38 year old woman raising three kids on her own while managing her two exes and her various credits. She has a 160 IQ which hasn't helped in life until one day, while working her shift as a cleaning lady, she stumbles across life changing information. It's her abilities that land her a job as a consultant for the police but there's one problem, Morgane hates cops.

Based on the promo, the U.S. adaptation is going to adhere to the bones of Morgane's characterization as Morgan has retained her wild sense of style, job as a cleaner, and role as a single mother of three children. There's even a nod to the lollipop Morgane is brandishing in the French show's poster.

Morgan is also clearly irreverent which will likely entice fans of Wild Cards who like their comedic procedurals with a side of fun and cheek. Interestingly, our lead says that the easiest part of her day is solving cases which means we can expect her personal life to be where the drama outside of the cases will be. The show is written by Drew Goddard (The Good Place, The Martian), so expect a balance of humor and compelling storytelling.

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