How does The Floor game show work? (Details on the game's structure)

Lorraine O’Sullivan/FOX
Lorraine O’Sullivan/FOX /

We've got a new game show in our midst, hosted by none other than Rob Lowe! The competition series premiered on Tuesday, Jan. 2, 2024 on Fox. And if you want to tune in this season, be sure to do so Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. ET. With the introduction of a new series, you're probably wondering how to play!

We start off with a total of 81 players, with the contestants standing on a "giant grid of squares," 9x9 to be exact, that represents their personal expertise in a trivia subject, per the synopsis. For example it could be about tools, horror movies, and even bugs. Two players have to face off in a timed duel against one another. The first person to go up is randomly selected by "the randomizer." Once they're chosen, that contestant gets to pick who they want to go up against. Their opponent could be someone who shared the same or similar expertise in a particular subject as them, or both subjects can be completely different.

Lorraine O’Sullivan/FOX /

Going head-to-head, the two players are each given 45 seconds to identify the images that pop up regarding their opponent's subject. They can make a guess on one image more than once, as well as choose to pass. But if they do the latter, then they lose three seconds on the clock waiting for the next picture to pop up. Sometimes, the players might have to fill in missing words as well.

Whoever runs out of time first is eliminated, and the winner takes control of their opponent's square on the grid. The winner then chooses to either go head-to-head with another player, or return to the grid. The contestant that's able to take over the most squares by the end of each episode gets $20,000. But if you're the very last person standing? That contestant gets to take home a cash prize of $250,000. Wow! There's already been seven people eliminated in the first episode. How will things play out? Keep watching to find out!

The Floor airs new episodes Tuesdays on Fox. Episodes are also available to stream on Hulu the next day.

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