Jennifer Aniston gifts fans a touching post on her birthday

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Earlier this week on Feb. 11, Jennifer Aniston turned 55 years old, and she's looking more beautiful than ever! The Friends star is truly a gift that keeps on giving. And while we all definitely celebrated her on the special day, the actress' latest Instagram post actually feels like it's a a gift to fans.

Whenever we like a celebrity, we want to know everything about them. What their favorites are, where they grew up, and all the other details in between. It's always a treat and a privilege when these stars share personal moments with us. And that's what Aniston did!

Birthdays are a time for reflection, and the actress seemed to take a walk down memory lane. And she took us along with her! In an Instagram post on her birthday, the Friends star shared a montage of images from childhood, her Friends days, and more recent ones pics too. Check it out below!

With the voiceover in the video talking about birthdays and how each year we expect to be a different person, but growing and aging is actually carrying all those years with you is a wonderful message to share. So not only did Aniston gift us with a closer look at who she is as a person, she put out an emotional message that I think everyone can relate to. Getting older makes so many of us sentimental and we look back on how far we've come. Aniston's journey has been a wonderful one so far, which is why she captioned the post, "Grateful ❤️🙌🏼."

She also accompanied the wonderful video with a poem by Stanley Kunitz called "Layers." It has a wonderful meaning and words including, "Though I lack the art to decipher it, no doubt the next chapter in my book of transformations is already written. I am not done with my changes." That's what the star is getting at. As humans we continue to evolve every day and grow. There's so much life can bring us, and life has certainly brought a lot for Aniston, that we need to cherish it all and appreciate it.

One person we know appreciates Aniston is her former Friends co-star and bestie IRL Courtney Cox! The fellow actress took the time to commemorate her pal's special day in her own social media post. And it even includes a quick Friends clip that shows Matthew Perry's Chandler! She captioned it: "Not sure why this is one of my favorite clips… I guess it’s because nobody else in the world could make this line sound so cute. Happy Birthday my sweet Jenny Louise. Also don’t know why I call her that…but I sure do love you ♥️" We shared the post below:

The Instagram post features a photo of what appears to be Aniston and Cox during the Friends days, a more recent snap of the two gals, and the Friends clip she mentions. "Hey Chandler. Monica just broke my seashell lamp." For any of you who are feeling nostalgic and want to check out the scene, that's from season 2 episode 3, " The One Where Heckles Dies." I love the friendship between the cast, especially the lovely gals - Aniston, Cox, and Lisa Kudrow. You can tell they really do love each other and are super close, and that's what we love to see!

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