La Brea final season watch guide: How and when to watch the final episodes

Here's how and when to tune in to NBC or Peacock to watch the final season of the action-packed series.
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The final season of La Brea is almost upon us in just a few hours, and it's hard to believe this is the beginning of the end! The third and final season of the sci-fi drama premieres tonight, Jan. 9, 2024. While the show is a popular one amongst fans, it seems that declining viewership numbers and delays caused by the writers and actors strikes factored into the decision of bringing it to an end.

Even though it's bittersweet, at least we're getting a conclusion to our favorite series! I hate it when networks and streamers cancel a show on a cliffhanger and us fans don't get a resolution after tuning in week after week. Thankfully, that's not the case with this drama, and I'm pumped to see what comes next in La Brea season 3! Scroll down for all the details on how and when to watch the new season.

La Brea - Season 3
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La Brea season 3 episode release schedule

La Brea season 3 premieres tonight, Jan. 9, 2024 on NBC. This season is a total of six episodes. This is a much shorter season compared to the first which had 10, and season 2 which was 14 episodes. It doesn't seem like much to wrap up such an action-packed story, but I have faith in the creative team!

One episode will be released weekly on Tuesday nights on the network until the series finale on Feb. 13, 2024. We shared a breakdown of the episode release schedule to help you follow along the next few weeks, as well as the release time by time zones for you below:

  • Episode 1, "Sierra" - Jan. 9
  • Episode 2, "Don't Look Up" - Jan. 16
  • Episode 3, "Maya" - Jan. 23
  • Episode 4, "Fire Storm" - Jan. 30
  • Episode 5, "The Road Home, Part 1" - Feb. 6
  • Episode 6, The Road Home, Part 2" - Feb. 13

Release time by time zones on NBC

Each week, you can tune in to a new La Brea season 3 episodes starting at 8 p.m. ET. Episodes run for about an hour. Check out the release time depending on where you live below:

  • Eastern: 8 p.m. ET
  • Central: 7 p.m. CT
  • Pacific: 5 p.m. PT
  • Mountain: 6 p.m. MT
La Brea - Season 3
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How to watch live on TV

As mentioned above, the best and only way to watch the new installment live is on NBC. Now you have multiple options to access the network. The most obvious is through a cable provider. However, if you don't have cable and are not interested in it as an option, there's some other choices to pick from. Those are FuboTV, DIRECTV, Sling TV, YouTube TV, and Hulu + Live TV. We provided a breakdown of all these options below:


Prices and Packages


Pro: $74.99/month

Elite: $84.99/month

Premier: $94.99/month

Latino: $32.99/month


Entertainment: $69.99/month

Choice: $84.99/month

Ultimate: $114.99/month

Premier: $159.99/month

Sling TV

Orange: $40/month

Blue: $45/month

Orange + Blue: $60/month

YouTube TV


Hulu + Live TV

Hulu + Live TV Only: $75.99/month

Hulu (With Ads) + Live TV, Disney+ (With Ads) and ESPN+ (With Ads): $76.99/month

Hulu (With Ads) + Live TV, Disney+ (No Ads) and ESPN+ (With Ads): $81.99/month

Hulu (No Ads) + Live TV, Disney+ (No Ads) and ESPN+ (With Ads): $89.99/month

How to watch on streaming

If none of the options above sound appealing or you happen to miss an episode live, don't worry! New episodes of La Brea season 3 will stream on Peacock the next day an episode airs. Usually the streamer adds new installments to its catalog at around 6 a.m. ET. So that means new episodes will be available to stream on Wednesday mornings.

If you need a refresher, the first two seasons of the show are currently streaming on Peacock. There are two Peacock plans to choose from: the "ad-tier" runs for $5.99/month, while the "no ads" option costs $11.99/month. Check out the release schedule and time on Peacock below:

  • Episode 1, "Sierra" - Jan. 10
  • Episode 2, "Don't Look Up" - Jan. 17
  • Episode 3, "Maya" - Jan. 24
  • Episode 4, "Fire Storm" - Jan. 31
  • Episode 5, "The Road Home, Part 1" - Feb. 7
  • Episode 6, The Road Home, Part 2" - Feb. 14

Release time by time zones on Peacock

  • Eastern: 6 a.m. ET
  • Central: 5 a.m. CT
  • Pacific: 3 a.m. PT
  • Mountain: 4 a.m. MT
La Brea - Season 3
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What's to come in season 3

Basically all of the main cast members are coming back including Natalie Zea as Eve Harris, Zyra Gorecki as Izzy Harris, Eoin Macken as Gavin Harris, Jack Martin as Josh Harris, Nicholas Gonzalez as Levi Delgado, Michelle Vergara Moore as Ella Jones, and more. Plus, Emily Wiseman has joined as a new character and cast member. Plus we've got the synopses for the first two episode to get us excited! We shared both below:

"After the clearing's destroyed in a dinosaur attack, the survivors must find a new home; Gavin discovers a clue about where Eve has been taken, but tracking the lead down results in even more tragic consequences."

Episode 1, "Sierra"

"As the survivors attempt to integrate with the villagers at the fort, a flock of vicious pterodactyls attacks their new home; Ty tries to figure out his next steps and seeks help from an old friend."

Episode 2, "Don't Look Up"

La Brea season 3 airs new episodes Tuesday nights on NBC. Episodes are available to stream on Peacock the next day.

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