Late Night with the Devil is now in theaters, but it'll go to streaming sooner than you think!

Late Night with the Devil is the latest horror to premiere. It is only playing in theaters, but the streaming release will be here sooner than you think! Here are all the details so you don't miss out.
Late Night with the Devil - Courtesy Shudder
Late Night with the Devil - Courtesy Shudder /

Horror is the name of the game this weekend as not one, but two horror movies are now playing in theaters. One of these movies is Immaculate, starring Sydney Sweeney. But because of Sweeney's star power, you may have missed news that Late Night with the Devil has also arrived.

Now, we understand that the cost of going to the movie theater is pretty high these days. Let's just say, you can spend more than just a chunk of change when you add movie tickets and snacks together. But waiting for a movie to arrive on streaming can take several weeks. Luckily, the streaming debut for Late Night with the Devil is coming sooner than you think.

Late Night with the Devil follows Jack Delroy, the fun and upbeat late-night talk show host of Night Owls with Jack Delroy. This is Jack's dream job and he is willing to do or try anything to save the show from cancellation due to poor ratings. So when Halloween comes around, Jack invites a parapsychologist for an interview, along with a young girl who is the only survivor of a recent Satanic church mass suicide. The year is 1977, so not a lot is known about communicating with the dead, much less, with the Devil himself. Needless to say, this draws a large audience and all eyes are on Jack's stage as he soon realizes he is in for more than he bargained for.

Late Night with the Devil streams on Shudder in April

Typically, there are several weeks between the big-screen debut of a movie and the streaming release. However, the IFC production sold streaming rights to Shudder, a platform that is home to some of the best works of horror. Shudder is the perfect place for Late Night with the Devil, and fans can stream the movie in less than a month on Friday, April 19.

Late Night with the Devil stars David Dastmalchian, Laura Gordon, Ian Bliss, and Fayssal Bazzi, among others. The movie is rated R, so this isn't spooky fun for everyone in the family! The reasons for the R rating are violent content, sexual references, gore, and language. If you're going to wait for the streaming release, be sure to watch after the kids go to sleep! The runtime is approximately one hour and 33 minutes.