Luna is smug over Li's anger about Bill and Poppy's romance (Bold and the Beautiful recap - Jan. 24, 2024)

The Bold and The Beautiful Lisa Yamada as Luna Photo © Howard Wise/
The Bold and The Beautiful Lisa Yamada as Luna Photo © Howard Wise/ /

Hey, Bold fans, so I missed yesterday's recap but the most important information was that Hope hasn't ended her romance with Thomas over what happened with Emma (though she still needs more time). Also, Poppy and Bill did get caught by Luna and RJ, but they were fully clothed and had successfully snuck out of the beach house so that it looked like they were just walking around outside the home.

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful, Luna and RJ once again laughed over the whole situation. They didn't guess that Poppy and Bill were getting intimate in the bedroom, so they've mostly been dealing with embarrassment over getting caught kissing by the two older adults. They got walked in on again while at work, mid-kiss, as Poppy came by to speak to Luna.

This keeps happening to the young couple but it would help if they remembered to lock the door if they're going to steal a private moment at the work place. In any case, the conversation between them and Poppy was about her and Bill, but it veered toward the dramatic when Li overheard their discussion.

RJ tried to defuse the tension by drawing Li's attention to her likely reason for coming to Forrester Creations, speaking to Steffy who was in a meeting. But Li had more pressing concerns and wanted Poppy to give her direct answers on being involved with billionaire Bill Spencer. Poppy told the pair that it was fine, she'd like to speak to her sister alone.

We all know how these "talks" go with these two by now. Li accuses Poppy of immoral behavior which she doesn't want blowing back onto her son, Finn. Then Poppy says she's not doing anything wrong. This time Li continued her argument that Poppy is a gold digger, but her sister insisted that Bill and her have a real connection. She said they met over 20 years ago and had a beautiful night together that she won't let Li tarnish.

Li called her loose and said it's no wonder that Luna doesn't know her father. Poppy's eyebrow raised at that which has me believing even more that just because her daughter doesn't know who her dad is doesn't mean Poppy's in the dark about him.

Across the hall, Luna was fuming that once again Li had the audacity to speak her mother that way. RJ couldn't believe it either but, honestly, Li has been very upfront about who she is. She doesn't care who you are, if she has something to say, she's going to say it. In some ways, I do appreciate that about her character.

Luna thinks Li's accusation that her mom is a gold digger is baseless. She knows that it was hard for her mom and she never relied on anyone to take care of her. I'm not so sure about that. While I don't think that Li's all the way accurate, I do think Poppy probably falls somewhere in the middle of how her sister and daughter see her.

However, Luna is getting a bit of pleasure out of seeing her aunt blow a gasket over Poppy's history with Bill. It's not tawdry like Li thinks but it certainly isn't something she's going to like considering Bill is her step granddaughter's grandfather. To Luna, it probably serves Li right that her mom is finding a love connection with a man that she doesn't believe Poppy should be with.

Bill fills Liam in on his "fated" romance

Speaking of Bill, he and Liam met up at the beach house to discuss Wyatt, and his newfound relationship with Poppy. It's unclear whether or not Wyatt is going to be sticking around since they've written the character as being lost and in search of what he wants to do next, so the conversation didn't stay on him long.

Liam was endeared by his father's apparent happiness now that he's put himself out there to rekindle an old flame. He was also blown away by this strong memory of that night at the music festival that Bill has and how it has him going all in. Liam sees these circumstances as fate. I see them as the soap being heavy handed with laying the groundwork for Bill being Luna's father or at least the set up for him to possibly be. I'm also not ruling out Poppy playing Bill for some reason, The Bold and the Beautiful loves a twist.

The rest of the episode was dedicated to Eric as Donna, Brooke, and Ridge showered him with love. He still can't have a martini but he's up, about, and happy to be with his family. Both Donna and Ridge spoke to how much they love him. As for the former, it's about time they got her and Eric married. If their love is so moving that it brings the family to tears then they need to be tying the knot already.

See you next recap, Bold fans! New episodes of our soap stream on Paramount+.