No, Dan and Shay from The Voice aren't brothers (in fact they aren't even related)

Dan and Shay might favor one another and act like family, but the pair aren't actually related in any way!

THE VOICE -- Season: 25 -- Pictured: Dan+Shay -- (Photo by: Art Streiber/NBC)
THE VOICE -- Season: 25 -- Pictured: Dan+Shay -- (Photo by: Art Streiber/NBC) /

The Voice season 25 welcomes not one but two new coaches into the fold with the introduction of Dan and Shay as the show's first ever coaching duo!

The duo have a long history with the show having performed on the show a number of times in recent seasons and even joined Team Blake in season 20 as his guest advisors, helping Blake's artists prepare for the Battles giving them an edge over many new coaches having been through that part of the process before which is sure to help them in their coaching journeys.

With the arrival of the new coaches, fans of The Voice are eager to know all there is about the duo, particularly regarding how they might be related which is understandable. The pair have amazing chemistry and they definitely look like they could be brothers, which is perhaps why some fans might be surprised to know that Dan and Shay are not brothers or even related!

Dan and Shay aren't related and actually met at a party

Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney might not be brothers by blood, but they've definitely become family since meeting at a party back in late 2012! The Grammy-winning duo met by chance during a party in Nashville and immediately formed an instant connection.

"We met in December, actually, at his house, at a party," Shay revealed to Taste of Country. "I get to this party, I'm walking in this old house," he laughs, adding, "It was a terrible house, of course, a typical Nashville starting-artist house. I'm walking into the living room, and there is just a tent ... it was borderline fort-ish."

"I had no money to pay for heat, so I went to the thrift store and bought a bunch of sheets. [We] tented out the whole living room, and we retained all the heat in there. We all just hung out, huddled around ... Shay and I were jamming that night, and we've been writing three songs a day ever since," Dan added.

It's wild to think how a chance encounter changed Dan and Shay's lives and led to the creation of one of the greatest country music duos ever! What's even more unbelievable is that neither Dan nor Shay happens to be from Nashville! They both moved to Nashville in order to pursue their dreams, Dan originally hailing from Pennsylvania and Shay originally living in Arkansas, and fate clearly had big plans for the duo.

Since coming together as a duo, the pair have won several awards including three Grammys, toured the world in sold-out arenas, and released five albums which have gifted us with so many hit songs.