Not Dead Yet refresher: Everything to know before season 2 arrives

Not Dead Yet season 2 premieres Wednesday, Feb. 7, 2024. Here's all you need to know about the show before the new season is here.
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Who else is ready to see our favorite gal who talks to ghosts in the second season of Not Dead Yet? Because I sure am! We still have some time before the next chapter of the story arrives. But it's never too early to be thinking about our favorite shows. And since the first season came to a close back in April 2023, you might need a refresher on what happened. And that's what I'm here for!

Not Dead Yet season 2 premieres Wednesday, Feb. 7, 2023 at 8:30 p.m. ET on ABC. At this time we still don't know all the details about the new season, including the synopsis, episode count, official cast list, and trailer. But, those should be coming soon. While we wait, here's everything you need to know about the sitcom ahead of the season 2 release.

A quick refresher

Not Dead Yet was created by David Windsor and Casey Johnson, based on the book Confessions of a Forty-Something F**k Up by Alexandra Potter. It's centered around Nell, played by Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez. The last five years, Nell has been in the U.K. living with her fiancé Philip. But when an incident happens and the wedding is called off, she makes her way back to L.A.

She's kind of a mess, but returns to the SoCal Independent newspaper she used to work at before leaving for London. Though the only opening right now is an obituary writer. Nell takes up the job and that's when something strange starts to happen - she can see and speak with the ghosts of the people she's writing the obits about. Throughout the 13-episode first season, we see how she learns to actually rely on their advice and grows as a person. And once an obituary is written, the ghosts disappear.

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Season 1 cast

Main cast members:

  • Gina Rodriguez as Nell Serrano
  • Hannah Simone as Sam
  • Lauren Ash as Lexi
  • Rick Glassman as Edward
  • Joshua Banday as Dennis
  • Angela E. Gibbs as Cricket

Notable guest stars:

  • Martin Mull as Monty, Nell's first ghost and Cricket's husband
  • Brittany Snow as Piper, Nell's high school bully
  • Langston Kerman as Jesse, a ghost Nell fell for
  • Julia Sweeney as Terri Lawrence
  • Tony Plana as Carlos Garza
  • Young Sheldon's Ed Begley Jr. as Bill
  • Rhea Perlman as Janice
  • Scott Michael Foster as James
  • Ed Weeks as Phillip, Nell's former fiancé
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What happened in the season 1 finale?

The biggest and probably most interesting thing that happened in the two-part Not Dead Yet season 1 finale is the fact that we were finally introduced to Philip, Nell's former fiancé who lead to her kind of becoming a train-wreck upon returning to Los Angeles. In episode 5, we learned that Nell and Philip were days away from getting married when she had a miscarriage. While he wanted to move on from the incident, she couldn't and that's one of the reasons the couple drifted apart. This also lead Nell to abruptly leaving London, and Philip, without a word.

Do Nell and Philip end up together at the end of season 1?

The two-parter kicks off with Philip back in LA, and Nell goes to meet him. He apologizes for the way he handled things, and expected an apology from Nell in return for the way she suddenly left. Though at first mad that he's asking for an apology, Nell realizes her mistake as well. The two decide to give their relationship another try, and it seems like all is well in the love department. Though she loses something that's become important to her - the ability to talk to her ghostly friends. She doesn't see any spirits anymore.

Plus, we quickly see how when around Philip, Nell is a bit of a different person and sacrifices certain parts of her personality when around him. Still, she doesn't notice this at first and decides to tell him her biggest secret - that she can see and speak to ghosts. Philip is first and only person who she's revealed this to. And he doesn't really support her very well at all. Instead, he dismisses it and thinks she's just imagining things. He proposes that she leave her job and move out of the apartment she shares with Edward so the two of them can start over. Though she initially accepts, something doesn't feel right.

After speaking with Edward, her roommate tells her what she needs to hear. That she's grown since coming back to L.A. and deserves someone who will treat her right. Nell also realizes she has a whole support system and likes the person she's becoming with the friends she has around her. Nell ends up breaking up with Philip, and the two part ways.

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Does Nell get her ghostly abilities back by the end of the episode?

The good news is that once Nell breaks things off with Philip, her ghosts reappear! And so we can expect to see more of these spiritual encounters in Not Dead Yet season 2. One exciting cast addition to the second season is Brad Garrett, who is going to play Lexi's father and owner of the SoCal Independent newspaper Duncan Rhodes. We've heard so much about him, including how he's not the best father. It will be so interesting to see his dyanamic with the characters and his daughter.

Speaking of, we end the episode on a positive note with the rest of the SoCal gang as well. Lexi learns to be nicer to her work friends and show more of an interest, Sam stands up to her friend and points out Lexi's entitlement, and Dennis makes the life-changing decision of adopting two children instead of the planned one he and his husband were hoping to have. There's lots to come in season 2, and we can't wait! What are you most looking forward to?

Not Dead Yet season 2 premieres Wednesday, Feb. 7, 2024 on ABC. Episodes will stream on Hulu the next day.

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