Percy Jackson and the Olympians and more to stream on Disney+ this week

Looking for something to stream in January 2024? Disney+ has some great releases, from new episodes of Percy Jackson and more!
Percy Jackson and the Olympians
Percy Jackson and the Olympians /

Disney+ is making sure we're all staying entertained into the new year. There's just something so beautiful about that sentiment.

With the price of everything, people are looking to cut costs and streaming services are the first to go. Thankfully, Disney is making it hard to let go as there are so many releases to look forward to and plenty to enjoy throughout the week and weekend.

Regardless if you're watching by yourself, with family, or with friends, there is always something for every viewer. As far as streaming platforms go, Disney+ has such a wide variety that it's rare to find something people won't watch. With that being said, there are plenty of great releases to start the year off with so let's break it down.

These Disney+ releases are ushering in January 2024.

Even if you're just looking for something to watch in the background, you'll be able to find something on Disney+ so let's get into this week's round-up.

  • Alice's Wonderland Bakery, Season 2 episodes (Jan. 3)
  • Ax Men, Season 10 episodes (Jan. 3)
  • Forged in Fire, Season 7 and 8 episodes (Jan. 3)
  • History's Greatest Mysteries, Season 3 episodes (Jan. 3)
  • Modern Marvels, Season 20 and 21 episodes (Jan. 3)
  • Storage Wars, Season 12 and 13 episodes (Jan. 3)
  • BTS Monuments: Beyond the Stars, Episodes 5 and 6 (Jan. 3)
  • Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Season 1, Episode 4 (Jan. 3)
  • Dragons of Wonderhatch, Episode 5 (Jan. 3)
  • X-Men [2000] (Jan. 5)

Disney is starting it off strong in 2024 and adding a dash of everything. Surprisingly, the only thing we aren't getting much of are releases for the little ones. Thankfully, the platform already has such a massive backlog that the little ones can stream their favorites while you can get caught up on Percy Jackson, rewatch X-Men, or find out some of History's Greatest Mysteries.

What is your Disney+ queue for this week? Be sure to come back to Hidden Remote for all of your Disney+ needs!

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