Percy Jackson and the Olympians is rated TV-PG (content explanation for parents)

Parents, rest assured this adaptation of a middle grade book series is for kids

Disney+ is the most kid friendly of the big streaming platforms. As such, the general rule is that if it's not a Marvel or Star Wars property, parents don't have to worry too much about a title's content since it'll either be TV-G or TV-PG. But, if you're wondering just what to expect from the upcoming fantasy series Percy Jackson and the Olympians in case you'd like to talk through some of its themes with your kid(s), let's breakdown what the show features.

The series is rated TV-PG due to violence. Percy's story is an action adventure as such he, and his friends Grover and Annabeth, are often put in perilous situations. They use magical items during their quest including swords, daggers, and bows and arrows. Beings and creatures from Greek mythology appear throughout as the show is steeped in Ancient Grecian lore and culture.

If your child isn't scared by frightening and intense sequences they should be fine. However, figures do crumble to dust in Percy Jackson and the Olympians and parental death is a topic of discussion as well as absent fathers and warfare. Greek mythology often delves into the more harrowing experiences of humanity and monstrosity which is brought up as Percy learns more about the world that had been hidden from him until the age of 12.

Percy also contends with bullying not just verbally but physically as well. There are stunning action sequences in the series that include children facing off against each other, beings more than twice their size, and grown adults. But the heart of this show is a coming of age story. When I asked, during our interview, what the team hoped younger audiences would get from the Disney+ original, co-showrunner and series co-writer Jon Steinberg shared the following:

"I hope they have fun. I think if you’re 8 and you’re not having fun then nothing else really matters. I think that when they’re having fun to be told a story about despite whatever power you may come into or whatever temptation you may face to get angry, to be your worst self, to find the strength to be your best self which is what I really think, on some level, this whole story is about. It’s a thing I’m glad my [son] will get to watch and it’ll be a part of the language of how he meets this world and this story."

Percy Jackson and the Olympians is a complex narrative, this is true. But school age children are dealing with complex issues at home, in school, and when they're out and about in the world. It's important that they have access to media that's honest about the problems they face and that can help them build the tools necessary to navigate their lives as they learn, make mistakes, overcome obstacles, and develop friendships. That's what this show does all while being humorous, exciting, and frankly pretty thrilling.

Stay tuned to Hidden Remote for more news and coverage. The first two episodes of Percy's journey premiere Wednesday, Dec. 20.

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