Percy Jackson and the Olympians season 1 finale preview: From hero to leader

Percy Jackson and the Olympians key art
Percy Jackson and the Olympians key art /

Can you believe we're just days away from the Percy Jackson and the Olympians season 1 finale? Episode 8, "The Prophecy Comes True," premieres Tuesday, Jan. 30 at 9 p.m. ET on Disney+. It's been a long road for Percy but he's finally been told the truth "sort of," he's about to face off with Ares, and judging by the preview for the finale, he'll be returning to Camp Half-Blood and meeting Zeus to return the Master Bolt.

The synopsis for episode 8 doesn't give much away. It simply states, "Mount Olympus beckons... and Percy must face his greatest battle yet," but it's unclear what that battle is going to be (for those of us who haven't read the books). Will it be a physical battle or one of the mind? And, of course, the big question we have is how the prophecy is going to play out. Who will betray Percy and how will he fail to save what matters most? Not to mention, will he be able to help Sally?

What we do know, thanks to Chiron's voice over in the preview, is that Percy has been urged to be careful. He's not only a hero, he's now a leader in the eyes of his fellow demigods at Camp Half-Blood and with that comes a certain expected responsibility and weight that can't be ignored. And don't think we missed Percy near Thalia's tree. What's that about? So many questions!

While it's exciting that we've reached the finale, "The Prophecy Comes True" is also going to be a bittersweet episode for fans of Lance Reddick. The late actor plays Zeus, and it's a part many have looked forward to seeing him embody. It's his last filmed role. Reddick passed away in March 2023. When asked about the actor's time on the show in an interview with Screen Rant, executive producer Dan Shotz had the following to say:

"It was an incredible experience with him. We miss him dearly, and I think the thing that I look back most [on] is his connection to the kids. Showing up as his Zeus, the kids were intimidated. Not only because it's Lance Reddick, but also this character that's been built up all season; seeing him and how powerful he is.

And Lance, obviously, brought that power. But he also brought this soulfulness, he brought this just connection to them that was pretty immediate. I just love how he showed up and actually cared for them in this scene. And you can just tell what kind of actor he was because he was amazing. He was an amazing scene partner to these kids.

And even though it was only a couple of days, he felt so connected to the show, and I stayed in touch with him for a lot after we shot. I actually spoke to him a couple of days before he passed, and he just was so proud of being a part of this and wanted it to be right, and I'm so honored and grateful that one of his last iconic roles will be Zeus. It's pretty awesome."

There has been so much anticipation around seeing Reddick as the King of the gods and that time is almost here! As for a season 2, there's been no word yet on a renewal. However, Percy Jackson and the Olympians has been a consistent performer for Disney+, so it would be surprising if the fantasy series gets canceled. We'll keep you posted. Stay tuned to Hidden Remote.