Phyllis Smith reveals The Office scene she and Steve Carell "couldn't get through"

It happened to be a very special day for Phyllis, too.
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Phyllis Smith recounted the one scene in The Office that she and co-star Steve Carell almost couldn't "get through" on a new episode of the Office Ladies podcast hosted by Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey.

According to a report from People, Smith, who starred as Phyllis in The Office, shared that the moment happened during "Phyllis's Wedding" episode, which was the 16th episode of season 3. If you've seen the episode, which I'm assuming you have, you know what scene was a struggle for Smith and Carell to finish.

Appearing on the podcast to promote her new movie, Inside Out 2, Smith told Fischer and Kinsey that she and Carell had a hard time getting through the scene in the bridal room. Michael, for some reason, is alone with Phyllis right before her wedding to Bob Vance of Vance Refrigeration. He draws attention to a fart, but according to Smith, Carell had a hard time describing the smell.

"Every time he would say 'pungent,' he would break out in his cackle. He couldn't get through it and I couldn't get through it. And then we hear the sound people sitting outside the door laughing, so they had to move them down the stairway, down into the bottom because every time we said 'pungent,' we lost it."

As a fan of The Office, that's exactly the scene I would have guessed that Smith would draw attention to in this episode. Looking back, "Phyllis's Wedding" is a banger of an episode, though. There are so many good moments, including every time Michael tries to upstage Phyllis, Bob, Phyllis's dad, and basically everyone with an important part to play in the wedding.

Remember, Michael is escorting Phyllis's father down the aisle. He is also in the wedding party, and he interrupts the ceremony at the wrong time to announce Bob and Phyllis Vance "for the first time as a couple." He also gets kicked out of the wedding after his wedding toast goes spectacularly bad after mixing up the definitions of "wedding" and "welding" from the dictionary. It's glorious!

This isn't even the first time this story has been told on Office Ladies! Several years ago, Fischer and Kinsey spoke with Smith and director Ken Whittingham. They recounted the story, and it's basically the same, according to Mashable, so we now have multiple sources backing up the claims that this actually happened.

For more stories about the glory days of The Office, we highly recommend checking out the Office Ladies podcast. There's always more than a few good stories and anecdotes from Kinsey, Fischer, and the guests in each episode.

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