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Brooklyn Nine-Nine's ensemble cast really worked for the series, and Jake Peralta is definitely a fan-favorite. Though everyone got great storylines and attention, you could kind of say that Jake was the main character of sorts. The focus of the story, and even sometimes other characters' storylines, were centered around him. He's hilarious, and has had some great lines over the years. Can you remember them all? Put your knowledge to the test with our "finish the line" Jake Peralta from Brooklyn Nine-Nine quiz!

I know some of these were hard. At least I thought they were as I crafted this quiz for you guys. But perhaps you smart fans were able to get them all right. You're definitely better than me! Jake had the best character growth and arc over the 8 glorious seasons of this wonderful comedy. Oh, how I miss it sometimes. When we first meet Jake, the smart and capable detective is very immature and doesn't take the other aspects of his job, like in the office, seriously. He was able to get away with it until the iconic Captain Raymond Holt came in. And we're so glad he did!

Over the years Jake learned how to grow up and become more responsible. Falling in love with Amy - who is the most competitive and Type A person I've seen. And that's saying something because we have similar personalties - allowed him to grow as a person, at his job, and even as a father by the end. Though his work as a detective is what he's most passionate about, his love for his son comes first and he ends up deciding to stay at home to raise Mac while Amy keeps doing what she does best.

A true Jake Peralta highlight moment is the iconic cold open everyone still talks about to this day. Even those who haven't watched Brooklyn Nine-Nine know the "I Want It That Way" cold open of the series. They're familiar. The way Jake is singing and is so into it just makes me laugh so much, no matter how many times I've watched the scene. He's so into it in fact that he forgets that the reason the suspects are singing is because one of them murdered a victim's brother. Who was standing right there. Oh, Jake.

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99! See if you can get a 10/10 on this Brooklyn Nine-Nine trivia quiz. 99! See if you can get a 10/10 on this Brooklyn Nine-Nine trivia quiz. dark. Next