Role Play review: A silly goofy time with a side of action, just what the weekend needs

Role Play -- Courtesy of Reiner Bajo/Studio Canal
Role Play -- Courtesy of Reiner Bajo/Studio Canal /

Role Play has dropped on Prime Video, and it's exactly the kind of light comedic fare that's perfect for a weekend watch. The plot centers around Emma (Kaley Cuoco), a woman living a double life unbeknownst to her husband of seven years, Dave (David Oyelowo), and their children. He thinks she works for a firm that has her flying here, there, and everywhere to train different teams across the U.S. But, in actuality, Emma is a gun for hire who drops bodies around the globe.

Things come to a head with the couple when deciding to spice things up in their marriage, via a game of role playing, ends in the murder of an assassin and Emma being a wanted woman. With the heat on his wife, Dave is thrust into a world he doesn't know outside of a spy novel but he said, "Until death do us part," so he's got Emma's back even if he has no clue what he's doing.

David Oyelowo is comedy golf in the role of Dave. He's a lovable man doing his best and trying not to have a panic attack in front of the authorities. I've been used to Oyelowo's more serious roles, but he definitely has comedic chops and you can't help but laugh whenever Dave starts freakin' out. As for Cuoco, she's an action star. There's no doubt about that. The actress is kicking tail throughout the movie, and she plays hopelessly endeared so well. I'd love to see her in a through and through action film down the line because, while I enjoy the levity she brought as Emma and the dry wit, she can certainly handle a more serious in tone action flick.

Together Oyelowo and Cuoco have a chemistry that speaks to the amount of years their characters have been married. It's not sizzling or off the charts, but it feels warm and settled. As the leads of this vehicle, they both hook you into the storyline and the ride that they're taken on. There's real investment in whether or not they'll be able to untangle themselves from the mess created by Emma's true identity being revealed.

The plot surrounding the Big Bad of Role Play leaves something to be desired and the film feels rushed toward the end, but it's a solid choice for an enjoyable weekend movie especially if you want a laugh paired with a side of action.