Rose McIver is pregnant, but no Ghosts won't be writing it into the show

Ghosts star Rose McIver is indeed expecting, but don't expect the show to writer McIver's pregnancy into the show.
81st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals
81st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals / Lionel Hahn/GettyImages

If you've found yourself wondering why CBS has started hiding Sam behind desks and tables or showing her from unique camera angles, you might have gotten a sneaking suspicion that perhaps Rose McIver was pregnant and your assumption would be correct.

McIver announced her pregnancy during the 2024 Golden Globe Awards, proudly showing off her baby bump on the red carpet months after marrying artist George Byrne in early 2023. The Ghosts actress was glowing as she stunned in a light pink dress from Gucci, even taking to the stage to present one of the night's big awards.

The news immediately had fans wondering how CBS might handle her pregnancy in the third season of the show particularly as to whether the writers would choose to write it into the show. Well, as you might have picked up in watching the show, there is no plan to write the pregnancy into the show.

“We’re not writing it in,” co-showrunner Joe Wiseman revealed in an interview with TV Insider. “Currently, Jay and Sam aren’t going to have kids. We’re definitely open to it. It just felt a little early in the series to make such a big change.”

With the writers opting not to incorporate McIver's pregnancy into the show, we're going to see the show having to get creative with how it hides McIver's baby bump. This will likely entail many common tricks of the trade which include changes in camera angles, hiding the baby bump behind furniture, and adjusting McIver's wardrobe on the show.

While we would have loved to see the show write McIver's pregnancy into the show, we can see why they feel it's too early to have the pair become parents but we absolutely hope it's a storyline that will come into play down the line. Getting to see Sam and Jay navigate parenthood would surely open the door for many new stories and it would be hilarious to see the ghosts navigating having to share Sam's time with a new little one.