5 shows to watch if you miss Euphoria

We have a long wait ahead of us for Euphoria Season 3. Need something to get you through the break? Here are five shows similar that will fill the void.

Zendaya in Euphoria - Photo Courtesy of Eddy Chen/HBO
Zendaya in Euphoria - Photo Courtesy of Eddy Chen/HBO /
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Need a series that starts with murder? Elite is the one for you. The series is set in a Spanish school for the privilege. Each season gives us a murder mystery to solve, and we get the story told in both the present day and the days leading up to the murder.

Of course, this is a story of how those with money tend to literally get away with murder. Will they get away with it this time?

Meanwhile, we have different cultures, religions, class systems, and more. It’s a story of teenagers figuring out who they are as they challenge some social expectations and question who they can trust in their friendship groups. After all, there is a murderer among them.

Watch Elite on Netflix.

13 Reasons Why

We’re sticking with Netflix for this next one. The first season starts with the story of a girl who takes her own life. She leaves behind 13 tapes to explain why she did it. Each person on the tapes has to listen to each one before passing it onto the next person.

This story gets dark fast. As the seasons go on, we see more trauma and more heartbreak for the students left behind. Just as you think someone is going to get a happy ending after turning their life around, it’s ripped from them. And when you think justice is going to be served, you realize that’s not the case. After all, money is power, right?

There are some triggering moments in this series. It did receive a lot of backlash over the course of it airing on Netflix, especially the ending.

All four seasons of 13 Reasons Why are available to stream on Netflix.