Summer's bitterness pushes Kyle to Claire on Young and the Restless

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Kyle dropped Summer months ago on The Young and the Restless. Claire remains the focus of her distrust, forcing Kyle to champion her even more.  

In an obvious plot push, Michael Mealor's character decided that Summer betrayed his trust by not telling him that Phyllis had faked her death. That development was deeply questionable, especially considering Diane's multiple-decade deception.

In contrast, her mother put Kyle's then-wife in a terrible position to cover Phyllis' existence. She kept her lie for a period that could be counted in weeks. But the writing staff wanted to split Summer from Kyle, apparently in anticipation of Hayley Erin's reintroduction in the form of her second character.

Hayley Erin
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Hayley Erin has been killing it

Jordan is a killer, no doubt. So, too, is the veteran actor who plays her, Colleen Zenk. Her link to the daughter Victoria and Cole presumed died reopened the door to Erin's return to the cast.

Devoted viewers recall that Erin played a younger version of Abby years ago. Her second role, Claire Grace, was initially presented as Nikki's assistant. Soon enough, all was revealed, and Claire morphed into Eve, the baby who viewers were told died at birth.

Like Zenk's efforts, Erin's textured portrayal of this returned Newman family member is worthy of a Daytime Emmy nomination. Here's hoping viewers see Erin and Zenk on screen at next year's award ceremony when their scenes will be eligible.

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Summer Newman is behaving badly

Just as Kyle behaved like a fool when he left Summer, Allison Lanier's (part of this year's Supporting Daytime Emmy nomination class) character is behaving badly.

Summer can not get off Claire's back. She grudgingly recognizes that Harrison's bond with Erin's character is real but her distrust of Claire endures. Summer's unresolved feelings for Kyle have undoubtedly impacted her perception of Claire. A growing reliance on Chance as a potential replacement for Kyle has also yet to help ease tensions.

Turning to Chance will be natural. He became close to Summer in the months following Abby dropping him. The suddenness of her realization of love for Devon was another accelerated plot point; however, that made more sense because of the son Abby and Devon share.

Kyle has gone beyond Summer despite the length of their relationship history. She still cannot believe he is gone, mainly because it destroyed the family they worked hard to realize and build.

Michael Mealor
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Kyle Abbott is determined to push forward

Kyle is headstrong. That happens when a guy is chased by multiple women who cause humility to be lost or even extinguished.

Michael Mealor's character believes he is looking out for his son's best interests. Thankfully, he has not played the genetic card because Summer is not Harrison's biological mother. But her selfless embrace of his son created the type of family stability Harrison needed.

Summer is no longer Kyle's current love. Claire is fond of him, and their coupling is anticipated in Genoa City, Wisconsin. Of course, that will also play into the seemingly predestined conflict with Summer.


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