That's not a new girl on Bold and the Beautiful! Ivy Forrester has made her return to LA

Ashleigh Brewer as Ivy Forrester

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Ashleigh Brewer as Ivy Forrester Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2015 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

The Bold and the Beautiful has one more Forrester in its ranks thanks to Ivy Forrester (Ashleigh Brewer) popping up in Los Angeles on Tuesday, Apr. 30's episode. It's been six years since we last saw the Aussie and, though she didn't leave LA on the best of terms, she's clearly been flourishing since then. Now that she's back, it seems she's set her sights on reconciling with Liam Spencer.

The pair had a sweet romance on the soap opera but it couldn't stand up to the pull of Steam once Steffy Forrester returned home from Paris. While the cousins did vie for Liam's heart, it was Steffy who ultimately went onto rekindle her flame with him. But with the Co-CEO happily married to her husband, Finn, and Liam freshly divorced from Hope, Ivy's hoping that they can finally make a real go of it.

She wasted no time in letting her ex know that she's interested. The two were seated at a table in Il Giardino on Tuesday catching up. Ivy had a glow about her that Liam couldn't take his eyes off of and, for her part, she wanted him to know there's many a woman who would be lucky to have him in her life. Seeing as how there isn't anything keeping them apart, besides Liam perhaps deciding to stick to his plan of working on himself, they shared a kiss.

It's unclear, however, whether or not The Bold and the Beautiful writers want us to put any eggs in this basket. Liam keeps leaving the door open for the possibility that he and Hope might get back together sometime in the unknowable future. This is because the writers don't want to say Lope's time is definitively done on the soap. But then there's also the implication that if Steffy and Finn aren't doing well, there might be a way for Steam to return.

Presenting Ivy as a third option might be a tad too much but the two do have a nice history together even if I, personally, would like Liam to be single for awhile before he's launched into a romance particularly after his divorce from Hope and his not so long ago love declarations to Steffy. But there is room for Ivy to make a permanent return. She told Liam that she'd seen her Uncle Eric who told her that Forrester Creations could use a jewely designer since that's a hole in their strategy that has yet to be filled.

Liam was ecstatic to hear that and even pretended to call Eric to weigh in on the matter. The cute moment reminded me of their early interactions when they were first finding their way as friends and then lovers. Restarting a romance, however, is going to come with some characters having a thing or two to say about it. Beginning with Steffy.

She's supposed to catch Livy (do you remember this ship name?) in the middle of a kiss, and she's going to ask her cousin what her intentions are when it comes to Liam. Now, this doesn't have to come from a place of jealousy. The Steam are best friends after all, but she's still going to be her inserting herself into a situation that doesn't have anything to do with her which could cause problems.

Hope was already bristling when Steffy asked her if she was seeing anyone. Though she didn't mention him by name, Hope took that to mean her former rival was feeling out whether she was getting back to Liam. She told her to focus on Finn. Well, now that Finn has found his birth mother, Sheila Carter, after thinking she'd died at Steffy's hands, this pentagon could get even messier which makes sense since summer is almost underway!

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