The Fire Country season 2 trailer shows Bode suited up in a turnout jacket and on the outs with Gabriela

Season two key art for the CBS original series FIRE COUNTRY ©2024 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Season two key art for the CBS original series FIRE COUNTRY ©2024 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

Finally, the Fire Country season 2 premiere trailer has dropped. From what's come out about the opener, "Something's Coming," we knew that Bode wasn't doing so hot in prison. No one expected him to be but the level to which he's being self-destructive is much more than I thought. Manny has his number, Bode's eager to meet whatever is coming for him. We see this in the trailer with the shiv he's wielding in what looks to be a stand-off with Sleeper.

But that sequence in the trailer also looks like it could be a dream. My chief concern is that Bode's been using while imprisoned. We know he's an addict, and his family has been worried about him in every piece of footage they've shown us so far. Drug use by him hasn't been shown on the series and they may go there one day. The question is whether it'll be in the premiere.

Manny revealed that they've all been searching for a way to clear his name for the past six months while Bode has been doing time for drugs that he didn't do. However, there's someone who hasn't been fighting in his corner and the trailer implies that it's Gabriela.

Jake goes to see her at the swimming pool to try to get Gabi to reach out to Bode since he's in a bad way, but she doesn't want to talk about Bode at all and walks off. She's not one to give up easily. I'm willing to bet Bode cutting her loose in the season 1 finale wasn't the only time he did that over the course of these six months. Hopefully we get a flashback or some kind of explanation for the about face she's doing. But it does look like Gabi's been put in yet another relationship, this time with Diego, the firefighter training her for her paramedic certification. This is not at all what we wanted!

As for the action, the earthquake that's going to hit Edgewater is an all-hands on deck affair since there's footage of Bode getting off a bus with what looks like his turnout jacket on. So, even if he isn't out of prison yet, he will be a part of making sure the citizens of the town and the surrounding area are safe.

I can't wait until Fire Country season 2 gets here! The premiere is Friday, Feb. 16 at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.