The Monsignor will be missed in Evil season 4, here's what happened to him!

Boris McGiver as Monsignor Matthew Korecki in Evil episode 1, Season 3 streaming on Paramount +, 2022. Photo Credit: Elizabeth Fisher/Paramount+
Boris McGiver as Monsignor Matthew Korecki in Evil episode 1, Season 3 streaming on Paramount +, 2022. Photo Credit: Elizabeth Fisher/Paramount+ /

Evil has made its wicked return with its fourth and final season which has put our dynamic trio--Kristen, David, and Ben--on a collision course with a brewing fight over the Antichrist. But they'll be heading into this particular spiritual battle without the guidance of Monsignor Matthew Korecki (Boris McGiver). He was lost in the fight between good and evil in the penultimate episode of season 3, "The Demon of Money." Need a refresher on what happened? We've got you covered.

Monsignor Matthew Korecki dies protecting Grace

When Grace was brought back to the U.S. from the Chinese camp she was being held in, she was placed under protection by the Vatican. She couldn't go anywhere without her Catholic bodyguards following her every step and hovering whenever she got a vision.

It was David who worked out that she needed to be around children and actively engaging in fun activities in order for her visions to be induced. This led to Grace spending time with Kristen's girls. She was even invited to the party they threw in honor of their mother's birthday. At the event, Grace encountered Sheryl. Their conversation was an odd one as Grace saw her future while speaking to Kristen's mom. Eerily, she informed Sheryl that she would not blame her for what was set to happen that night.

Her statement caught Sheryl off-guard but the pieces started to fall into place for the audience when Grace had a vision while assuring Kristen that her daughter, Lexis, will be fine as long as she has her guidance. Grace drew the shelf of jars in Leland's secret room where he's been holding Kristen's husband, Andy. Sheryl saw it, took a photo, and in a panic told Leland to handle the situation.

309 - The Demon of Money
Li Jun Li as Grace Ling in Evil episode 9, season 3 streaming on Paramount+, 2022. Photo Credit: Elizabeth Fisher/Paramount+ /

Of course, since this is Leland, his solution of choice was murder. He arrived at the church, knife in hand and slit the throat of Grace's guard. Then he took the steps, teasingly calling her, but Grace was ready for what she'd seen would happen. Dressed in white and deep in prayer, she'd accepted her fate, even asked the Lord to forgive Leland for his actions.

What she didn't foresee was the Monsignor intervening. He came upon the guard and hastily ran up to Grace's room to help her. He grabbed at Leland and the two got into a tussle. It, however, didn't last long. By the time we see the Monsignor again, he'd been stabbed and had fallen down the steps. Leland runs off, completely gobsmacked by the entire showdown.

No longer in danger but incredibly shocked and horrified, Grace rushed to the Monsignor's side. Death was slipping in as he noticed his hand was cold, he asked for her to hold it. With his last breath, the Monsignor tried to tell her to tell Father Ignatius that he loves him but, sadly, he died before he could.

The season 3 finale, "The Demon of the End" opens with everyone reacting to his murder and the transition of Father Ignatius stepping into the role the Monsignor played in Kristen, David, and Ben's cases. Grace had been ushered off to the Vatican for protection.

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