The mysteries The Way Home still needs to solve (and just might in season 2)

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The Way Home answered major questions in its first season including what happened to Jacob after Kat brought him safely home. But there were still loose threads for some plot points that have made us even more excited for season 2 and how the present day Landrys may have influenced the past and their own family history.

Let's crack open our notebooks together and compare notes. The following list features the mysteries that stuck out to me in season 1 that hopefully will be solved in season 2 or that we'll at least get more information on as Kat continues to time travel. First up, the story behind the White Witch.

The story behind Kat becoming the White Witch

The season 1 finale revealed that Kat was the woman in white running away from a mob in 1814. She was being called a witch and the story of this night has yet to be revealed, but we do know that she jumped into the pond and didn't resurface hence the lore about the White Witch that has been a part of Port Haven since that event. Jacob would bring up the story of a witch looking to lead children away through the woods that's sure to be discussed more in season 2.

As a woman from the 21st century, Kat's knowledge about modern remedies and solutions would come across as witchcraft to those in the 19th century. I'm interested in finding out what she did during this time to earn her infamous nickname and if she was trying to get to her brother which is how that story spread.

Whether you can bring a person in the past to the present

Kat brought back a business card from the '90s to her present time which has opened the door to the possibility that you could bring a person as well. This may or may not get tested in The Way Home's second season, but it's likely to be a talking point since Kat is determined to find Jacob and bring him back with her.

We do know that Alice and Kat can tandem time travel. They've done it before. We also know that Alice is going to be shut out from time traveling with her mother in season 2. The pond will take Kat somewhere but Alice won't be able to join.

What happens if the person you're trying to bring back can't cross over with you or worse what if that happens and the pond also won't let you go back to them? There are so many questions with this one. Here's another! What if you're tandem time traveling but you don't both end up in the same time?

Fingers crossed we get more information on the mechanics of this pond and how it works besides it taking you where you need to go.

How Colton recognized his adult daughter, Kat

It has to mean something that in the moment of his death, Colton recognized Kat as his daughter even though, up until that point, he hadn't known that was the adult version of his teenager. Did he time travel? Did an older version of her speak openly with her father? Did Alice?

In this show, moments like this mean something and tend to call back to pieces of other plots once the characters start piecing together situations and events that don't quite match up with what they know. A prime example is Jacob's bike being at the fall festival even though he caught a ride with teenage Kat and Brady. It was revealed later that adult Kat had been the one who left his bike there because she used it to get to the festival.

So, at some point, we'll liable to get answers about how Colton knew that was his daughter holding him in the final moments of his life.

The person that tore the pages out of the family almanac

I've gotten the impression that the Landry almanac is going to be incredibly important in the second season. Kat noticed there were pages missing from it, not to mention the symbol Jacob created out of their initials was written all over it in places. There was a clear difference between the symbols that were drawn by a child and ones that were made by a more mature hand.

Either there's an older Jacob who has been using the almanac to try to communicate with his family members as he travels or Kat's doing it but hasn't reached the point in the timeline when she starts to do so. This mystery has so many implications but without more information it's hard to speculate which direction the show is going to take this reveal.

The Way Home season 2 premieres Sunday, Jan. 21 at 9 p.m. ET on Hallmark Channel. Next day streaming will be available on Peacock.

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