The new animated series Hazbin Hotel is NOT for kids (Here’s why)

There's a new animated series streaming this Friday (Jan. 19) on Prime Video, but this one is not for kids!
Hazbin Hotel -- Courtesy of Prime Video
Hazbin Hotel -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

Not every animated series or cartoon is intended for children. There are some animations strictly intended for older audiences only. Usually, the first-released images or teaser trailer give it away, but not always. This is why it's best to preview a show before introducing it to the kids -- but that's why we're here! Hidden Remote shares why Prime Video's Hazbin Hotel is definitely not for kiddos.

Hazbin Hotel on Prime Video is one animated series parents will want to watch after their kids go to sleep. The series follows Charlie Morningstar, the Princess of Hell, as she pursues her dream of opening a Happy Hotel to help rehabilitate sinners. Instead of punishing the sinners or allowing Adam to descend from Heaven to kill demons due to overpopulation, Charlie believes the sinners can turn things around. After a stay at Happy Hotel, Charlie hopes redeemed souls can be promoted to Heaven. Charlie isn't alone on this journey, she also has her girlfriend, Vaggie's, full support. But this dream is easier said than done.

Voicing these colorful characters, we have Erika Henningsen as Princess Charlie Morningstar, Stephanie Beatriz as Vagatha aka Vaggie, Black Roman as Anthony aka Angel Dust, Amir Talai as Alastor the Radio Demon, and others.

Why is Hazbin Hotel not for kids?

As shared by Prime Video on their Facebook account, Hazbin Hotel is rated R and is an "animated musical comedy set in Hell." The Parents Guide on IMBd shares that there are multiple sexual references, strong violence (such as bombs, genocide, explosions, guns), alcohol and drug use, and profanity throughout.

The first four episodes will be available to stream on Prime Video this Friday, Jan. 19. These will be followed by two episodes on Jan. 26, and the final two of the season on Feb. 2. If you love it, we have some great news! Hazbin Hotel has already been renewed for a second season. As soon as we have more details on that we'll be sure to share.