The Traitors season 2 episode 5 Recap: Who was eliminated from the show?

The Traitors episode 5 was jam-packed and full of drama. We share everything that went down in the episode, including who was eliminated from the show. 
Peacock's "The Traitors" New York Press Junket
Peacock's "The Traitors" New York Press Junket / Joy Malone/GettyImages

We have shifted to the weekly episodes of the Peacock reality series The Traitors. The second season has eliminated six people, with Ekin-Su and Larsa Pippen (Deontay Wilder leaving on his own) being the latest victims. With the cast walking on eggshells to discover who the traitors are, we recap everything that happened in episode 5.

If you aren't watching this show, you are truly missing out on one of the best reality TV shows. The Traitors never has a dull moment with two people being eliminated and the challenge mixed in, leaving no stone unturned. 

Who did the traitors "murder" from the show?

After a brief disagreement, Phaedra, Pavarti, and Dan talk straight about who they are going to murder next. Two names come up, one being Sandra and the other being Tamra. Phaedra ultimately decides to wipe out one of her housewives, with them voting to eliminate Tamra Judge.

How much money was added to the pot?

Today's challenge is communication, where Alan splits them into two groups, with one group playing inside and the other playing outside. Only the outside players can win a shield, which throws the picking into a loop. Splitting the teams up was a MASSIVE disaster and was great TV. The teams must identify the bird calls with the birds spread out inside the castle.

They get a map of where the birds are and must match their sound with the correct bird. The groups split into pairs, and if they find the shield, they can both be safe from elimination. Out of the possible $15,000, they were able to snag $10,000, and adding the prize pot is up to $75,500. The two people that got the shields were Trishelle and Bergie.

What was the big twist revealed in episode 5?

Alan said the game started with one player missing, and the secret player was ready to arrive to play. Our newest player is Kate Chastain from Below Deck, who was in season 1 of The Traitors. She is back to wreak havoc, and it's revealed she will be faithful. 

Who was eliminated from The Traitors?

We had quite an interesting round table with people teaming up to point the finger at Dan while others teamed up to point the fingers at Janelle. Although Kevin was on the bit of a defensive side, these two have an incredible sparring matchup on who is the traitor.

After a back-and-forth battle with name-calling, the votes came in, with Janelle getting eight votes to Dan's 5. Janelle has been kicked out of the show and reveals she is NOT a traitor.

The Traitors episode 5 is available on Peacock.