The Way Home has returned, here are 3 ways to watch season 2 online!

Photo: Evan Williams, Sadie LaFlamme-Snow, Chyler Leigh, Andie MacDowell. Credit: ©2023 Hallmark Media/Photographer: Peter Stranks.
Photo: Evan Williams, Sadie LaFlamme-Snow, Chyler Leigh, Andie MacDowell. Credit: ©2023 Hallmark Media/Photographer: Peter Stranks. /

The Way Home season 2 premiere is upon us! Episode 1, "The Space Between," debuts Sunday, Jan. 21 at 9 p.m. ET on the Hallmark Channel. If you miss the premiere, next day streaming for new episodes will be available on Peacock.

We'll be returned to the Landrys' story seven months after both Kat and Alice have sworn off time traveling. This is likely due to Del's reaction when Kat told her that she believes she knows what happened to Jacob who's been missing since 1999. However, the time traveling mother-daughter duo will get the itch once again to dive into the pond that put all of this in motion. As the season 2 trailer reveals, they don't end up traveling together as Alice is kept from leaping back into the past with her mother, while Kat's storyline involves time spent in 1814.

The series will also be picking up as Elliot returns to town. Last season he'd ended the budding romance that had sparked between him and Kat because he wanted to know who he is without the influence of knowing what's supposed to happen in the timeline. For the first time since he was 15, he doesn't know how his life is meant to play out. He took the time to travel abroad, but in taking the space he needed, it's also left his relationships with both Kat and Alice up in the air.

Aside from the time traveling, the most intriguing part about the premiere is what Evelyn Goodwin has left in her estate. She's the oldest resident in Port Haven and was a member of the founding family. While there's painful memories for Kat and Del surrounding her death, there's also a new mystery primed to unfold thanks to what's found on her property.

A full release schedule has yet to be announced for The Way Home season 2 but it's expected to have 10 episodes just like its freshman run. With that in mind, we can expect the second season to run through the winter and into the spring on Hallmark Channel, with the finale airing in either late March or early April depending on if there are scheduled breaks.

How to stream The Way Home season 2 online

If you've cut the cord, or you'd like to watch the show online, there are 3 ways you can tune into The Way Home season 2.

1. Peacock

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, if you don't mind waiting until the day after a new episode airs, you can stream it on Peacock. The service has the following plans:

Premium: $5.99/month, you can stream over 80,000 hours of content from TV to movies to sports. This includes the streamer's original content as well current NBC, Bravo, and Hallmark series. There are also over 50 channels available to stream that are always on.

Premium Plus: $11.99/month, you have access to the service's entire library which can be viewed without ads with limited exclusions. This plan also gives you the ability to download select titles and watch them offline; you can watch your local NBC channel live 24/7 as well.

2. Hallmark Movies Now

Despite the name of this service, you can stream The Way Home using this platform. Hallmark Movies Now provides you with access to Hallmark's full library which can be streamed commercial-free and new titles are added regularly to the streamer. There are two payment plan options.

Annual: One payment of $59.99 for the year.
Monthly: $5.99/month

Your level of access is not dependent on the plan you choose.

3. Hallmark TV

This option is only available to viewers who have a TV provider log-in. Hallmark TV operates similarly to or which require users to sign-in using their TV provider in order to watch the latest episode of the program that airs on the channel. Verizon, COX, DirecTV, Spectrum, Xfinity, Dish, and Philo are just a few of the providers that grant access to Hallmark content to their subscribers.

Stay tuned to Hidden Remote, we'll be covering The Way Home as it airs on Hallmark Channel.

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