12 TV shows still in danger of cancellation as May Sweeps 2024 begins

A dozen TV shows are waiting to learn their fate as May Sweeps begins, and there is a good chance that not all will be coming back for another season.
THE CONNERS - ABCÕs ÒThe ConnersÓ stars Emma Kenney as Harris Conner, Laurie Metcalf as Jackie Harris, Lecy Goranson as Becky Conner, Ames McNamara as Mark Conner, Sara Gilbert as Darlene Conner, Jay R. Ferguson as Ben, and John Goodman as Dan Conner. (Disney/Justin Stephens)
THE CONNERS - ABCÕs ÒThe ConnersÓ stars Emma Kenney as Harris Conner, Laurie Metcalf as Jackie Harris, Lecy Goranson as Becky Conner, Ames McNamara as Mark Conner, Sara Gilbert as Darlene Conner, Jay R. Ferguson as Ben, and John Goodman as Dan Conner. (Disney/Justin Stephens) /

The 2023-24 TV season has been quite an interesting one, in fact, it’s fair to say that it’s been a TV season unlike anything we’ve seen before. 

Due to the historic actors’ and writers’ strikes of 2023, broadcast’s biggest series were unable to return for new seasons in the fall. Not only were the shows delayed but, due to the strikes, broadcast’s biggest series have had some of their shortest seasons ever with most shows receiving just 10-13 episodes total. 

Because of these delayed returns and shortened seasons, the 2023-24 TV season has come and gone in the blink of an eye. May has arrived and soon the top shows on ABC, CBS, The CW, FOX, and NBC will sign off the air. While some of these shows will be simply signing off for the summer, many others will be signing off the airwaves for good. 

It’s part of the television circle of life. All shows must come to an end. Some of these shows are lucky enough to get final seasons to wrap up their storylines, while others find their time cut short with unexpected cancellations. This season has been full of both and the sad reality is that we’re likely going to see a handful of additional shows join the latter list as there are 12 shows on the bubble and in danger of being canceled. 

Now that May has begun, there are 12 series sitting on the bubble waiting to learn their fate which means there is a very good chance that many of these shows will not be coming back for another season. It’s that oh-so-wonderful time of year when the networks are forced to make their final decisions on what’s renewed and, more importantly, what’s canceled.

Heading into May, most shows’ fates were determined with the broadcast networks handing out renewals and cancellation orders. As such, the group of shows on the bubble as May begins is a smaller list than in many years with CBS having made all of its decisions about the next season already with not a single show on the bubble. The same cannot be said for ABC, The CW, FOX, and NBC which still have to make decisions about several series. Before we get into things with a network-by-network breakdown, here’s a quick look at the shows currently sitting on the bubble: 

Alert (FOX)
All American (The CW)
The Cleaning Lady (FOX)
The Conners (ABC)
Extended Family (NBC)
The Great North (FOX)
Lopez vs Lopez (NBC)
Night Court (NBC)
Not Dead Yet (ABC)
Sight Unseen (The CW)
Walker (The CW)
Wild Cards (The CW)

CW shows in danger of cancellation 

The CW has the most decisions still to make of any of the networks with four shows on the bubble awaiting their fates including All American, Sight Unseen, Walker, and Wild Cards. There is a good chance that all four of these shows could be renewed for next season, even if some of those renewals end up being for final seasons – here’s looking at you All American and Walker. 

Walker is the most-watched show on The CW so it seems likely they’ll at least give the show a final season. Meanwhile, All American could go either way. The network has given it a few additional episodes which could be a sign that perhaps they did so as a way to allow the show to bring an end to the show’s storylines and that a seventh season won’t be happening. If it does, there are whispers that it could look quite different so perhaps ending the show with season 6 might be best. 

The two shows that do seem in the best position for renewal are Wild Cards and Sight Unseen which are both co-produced by The CW and CTV, making them cheaper to make for the network. We’d be shocked if both shows don’t get a second season, though if we had to place a bet on one of the two Wild Cards would be the show we’d expect to be most likely to be renewed. 

FOX has 3 shows on the bubble

FOX has three shows sitting on the bubble heading into the final stretch of the season: Alert, The Cleaning Lady, and The Great North. 

Of these there series, the odds seem to be looking best for Alert and The Cleaning Lady which each have continued to perform well this season and are rumored to have a lot of support internally at the network. Considering how few scripted dramas FOX has on its current line-up, it would seem likely that the two shows will get another season and will join the likes of 911: Lone Star and Accused on FOX’s Fall 2024-25 slate! 

The one FOX show we’re most nervous for is The Great North, which could be in danger of being canceled. The animated series is the only FOX animated comedy that has not already been renewed which does not seem promising for the show’s odds. 

3 NBC comedies are in danger of being canceled 

Over at NBC, all of the network’s dramas have been either canceled or renewed. The three shows that are sitting on the bubble happen to be all comedies as NBC has yet to make a decision about the future of Extended Family, Lopez vs Lopez, or Night Court. 

Of the three comedies, Night Court seems like the most likely of the three to get another season. It features a strong ensemble led by John Larroquette and Melissa Rauch and has been a strong performer for NBC. It also has gotten a lot more buzz than Extended Family or Lopez vs Lopez, so if NBC has to choose between the three it seems likely Night Court would be the show renewed. 

It could honestly go either way for Lopez vs Lopez and Extended Family. Some were surprised that Lopez vs Lopez was renewed for a second season as it was on the bubble last year as well, so it’ll be interesting to see if NBC keeps the show around or cancels it this time around. Meanwhile, Extended Family hasn’t exactly been the breakout hit NBC likely expected it would be. 

ABC has 2 shows waiting to learn their fate for the 2024-25 season

Finally, we have ABC. ABC has decided the fate of nearly its entire lineup with just two comedies sitting on the bubble at the moment: The Conner and Not Dead Yet. 

Truthfully, there is a good chance that both shows get renewed for next season. Not Dead Yet pairs quite well with Abbott Elementary, while The Conners is ABC’s top comedy in linear ratings. 

We’d be shocked if ABC didn’t give The Conners at least one final season to wrap up its run given the show’s history with the network and the fact that ABC tends to allow its top comedies to go out with a final season. Meanwhile, Not Dead Yet seems like a perfect series for ABC to continue to bet on and keep around for another season as part of its comedy block. That doesn’t mean we wouldn’t be shocked if ABC pulled the rug out from under the fans and brought the show’s time to an abrupt end.

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