You won't believe which two Young and the Restless stars are crossing over to Bold and the Beautiful!

The Young and the Restless key art
The Young and the Restless key art /

July is sure to bring drama on The Bold and the Beautiful with Tom and Poppy's mysterious past currently being teased on the soap along with Thomas' unexpected engagement to Paris much to Hope's shock. But, if you've been wondering when the next crossover with The Young and the Restless would happen, you're in luck!

Entertainment Weekly reports two Y&R characters will crossover to Bold for a two episode arc set to air Tuesday, Aug. 13 and Wednesday, Aug. 14. Interestingly, it won't be Nikki Newman making an appearance with another Genoa City native or Lauren Fenmore popping in to finally come face-to-face with Sheila Carter. No, Danny Romalotti and Christine Blair will be making an appearance!

The couple will be in Los Angeles for the relaunch of Brooke's Bedroom, the lucrative lingerie line that Ridge decided to bring back to put his leading lady smack dab in the spotlight where he says she belongs. The relaunch party will be held at the Forrester Estate, of course, but it won't be all celebration and fun for Danny and Christine while they're there. Apparently, Brooke and Ridge have a business proposition for them.

We can also anticipate Danny deciding to surprise all the partygoers with a performance. While the song he's set to sing hasn't been revealed, Per EW, via an interview with US Weekly, Lauralee Bell teased that they're going to do "a remix of a big song from before" in celebration of her and Michael Damian's 40th anniversary playing the lovebirds.

With a bash like this planned, perhaps things will have cooled off on The Bold and the Beautiful, giving everyone involved a chance to be happy without someone scheming or dealing with a broken heart. Though this setting would also be perfect for pining looks across the room depending on who gets to attend the party.

That said, this crossover reveal does confirm that Forrester Creations is moving full speed ahead with Brooke once again becoming the face of the company. Ridge recently brought her back onto the executive board to work closely with his daughter, Steffy, while he focuses on design. The news didn't go over well with his Co-CEO but maybe the working relationship between the two women will have improved by August because it couldn't possibly worsen...right?

We'll keep you posted as more news comes in about Danny and Christine's visit to Los Angeles and appearance at the relaunch party. Stay tuned to Hidden Remote, your go-to site for all things TV.