Victor Newman's 5 most dastardly deeds on Young and the Restless in recent years

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Victor Newman is the antihero on The Young and the Restless. Fans can cite many dastardly deeds that this ruthless Genoa City, Wisconsin resident has committed over the decades.

He's made so many shocking moves that this recap of his heinous history only reflects storylines that date as far back as 2010 but even with this 14 year stretch, Victor's made some truly reprehensible decisions. His five worst deeds in recent years!

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Victoria Newman was arrested on her wedding day

After learning she was pregnant with his child, Victoria wanted to marry Billy (then played by the late, great Billy Miller). Victor was determined not to allow Jack's younger brother, who he derisively dubbed Billy-boy, to become part of the family.

So, the Moustache had his firstborn child, Victoria, arrested on her wedding day. The concocted charges were later dropped. But the incident led to Victoria miscarrying the child she and Billy were going to have.

Victor later paid Chelsea (in Melissa Claire Egan's debut storyline) to seduce Billy in Burma to prevent him and Victoria from being together. Chelsea became pregnant with Billy's son, Johnny, who Victoria embraced and adopted during a remarriage.

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Falsely accusing Adam Newman of murder

Viewers know that Adam has a long-held invented grudge. He believes his father abandoned him in Kansas. But that is not true because Adam's mother, the sweet Hope Wilson, decided to leave Wisconsin and return to her family farm with a then-young Adam.

However, Victor did work with Skye. She was Adam's second spouse after a marriage to Sharon ended. Skye agreed to Victor's plan to fake her death and blame Adam for it. That happened after a falling out between the newlyweds. Ironically, Skye later died when falling into a volcano. But Adam was not burned in that soapy outcome.

Camryn Grimes
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Making Sharon Newman believe Cassie Newman was alive

Camryn Grimes gave one of the all-time great child actor performances when she played Cassie. That character's tragic death remains mourned by fans and those who live in Genoa City. In contrast, Victor exploited it.

Returning to the audience's thrill, Grimes became a second character, Mariah Copeland. She turned out to be Cassie's identical twin, who was stolen at birth from Sharon and raised in a cult by Ian Ward.

Victor accidentally ran into Mariah, who was pursuing an old boyfriend. Instead of attempting to determine Mariah's status and then reunite her with Sharon, Victor coerced Grimes' second YR persona to gaslight Sharon Case's character.

All was eventually revealed and resolved, with Victor feeling no regret because he believed Sharon was holding a secret that deserved to be forced out of her then-fragile mind.

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Replacing Jack Abbott with a doppelganger

Hardcore fans may agree that Peter Bergman's performance in a dual role as Marco Annicelli ranks among the most chilling on this show in recent years.

Victor learned that a Peruvian drug lord was in prison, orchestrated his release, and had Marco replace Jack. Bergman's character was kidnapped and held captive by Kelly Andrews while Phyllis and Jack were on an island, intending to get remarried and then honeymoon.

Kelly was later murdered, and Jack appeared to be the villain. He was kidnapped again under the presumption that he was Marco. Meanwhile, Phyllis lived for months with Jack after they returned to Genoa City.

The climax of this storyline included Victor having one of Marco's ears cut off to prevent him from impersonating Jack ever again. Phyllis was stunned that Jack decided not to seek revenge against Victor, ending their marriage with no further reconciliation following.

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Victor Newman's endless pursuit of grudges

Following the above and fully aware of the various misdeeds he has committed since the Marco incident a decade ago, Victor has renewed his vendetta against Jack. Nikki's recent fall from the wagon included Jack intentionally overdosing on pills to shock her into reform. Victor's eternal love for Nikki is fueling yet another misguided attempt to defend her.

Victor outlandishly holds Jack responsible for something that never happened. Instead of admitting that Jack's plan was reckless but also selfless, Victor sees an opening for the renewal of war against his longtime archenemy.

Cole and Michael have been coerced to dig for information about Kyle and Diane, respectively. Audra was solicited to conduct a hostile takeover of the cosmetics company Tucker bought so it could be used to rival Jabot. And Victor told Kyle that Newman Enterprises always had room for him.

Victor forever stands atop the list as the vilest in this classic soapy setting.


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