We love a celebrity photo dump especially when it's Jennifer Aniston sharing updates!

PaleyFest LA 2024 - "The Morning Show"
PaleyFest LA 2024 - "The Morning Show" / David Livingston/GettyImages

Here at Hidden Remote, we love sharing our appreciation for Friends but that extends beyond the hit sitcom that continues to gain new fans despite being off-air for 20 years. The cast has our hearts as well. So, of course, that means we--like the rest of fandom--love when we get life updates from them. Recently, Jennifer Aniston took to Instagram to share what's been on her camera roll.

I don't know about you but a bit of slice of life goes a long way. As the saying goes, "celebrities are just like us," and it's true. They're public figures, yes. They're tastemakers and their creativity helps to drive media forward. But, at the same time, they, too, love a random selfie taken inside a car. That's the image Aniston shared at the start of her carousel of pictures before settling into a delightful photo dump similar to the ones we see our friends post every now and again. The difference being that as we look at her dog cutely impeding her reading, it's likely a script on her lap and not a term paper or slideshow printout from this week's professional development workshop.

But she, too, posts about her gym workout and FaceTime screenshots from her call with her best friend. Hers just also happens to be Andrea Bendewald, a fellow actress who she's been close to for more than half her life. They've also been on the same series, most recently with Bendewald recurring on Aniston's Apple TV+ drama, The Morning Show.

Whether she's sharing photos of her dogs cheesing for the camera or her cuddled up with one of them along with images from dinner with loved ones and her holding an "I can't adult today" desk block like a stop sign, Aniston is giving us a small glimpse into her life. It's just enough to feel like she's a member of our circle checking in before she gets right back to being a boss. And her send-off is perfect, a bathroom mirror photo with "i love you xx' to those who took the time to scroll through.

Check out Jennifer Aniston's Instagram photo dump below:

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